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Has Vince McMahon "Lost It"?, WWE Accommodating Talent, Rumored 2012 WWE Draft Date, The Cost In Offering Rehab To Former Stars

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Do you think Vince McMahon has lost his magic touch?

We get this question from time-to-time with readers wanting to know if I think Vince McMahon has "lost it." Is Vince older and crazier? Yes, however, I still think he's the best pro wrestling promoter of all-time. McMahon is a risk-taker but he knows what he is doing. There was a lot of criticism about the plans for this year's Wrestlemania (such as announcing The Rock vs. John Cena one year in advance) but by all indications the company exceeded buy expectations over 1.1 million buys. McMahon's next big test is the WWE Network which many feel could be a disaster but we'll see what happens.

How does WWE accommodate their lower card workers in terms of hotels, transportation, weight lighting, etc?

WWE doesn't accommodate any of their workers domestically as it's up to them to get from show to show, pay for a hotel, find a gym, etc. Things are a little different when the company is overseas (as the roster travels together) but here in the States, it's up to the workers. The company will assist in booking transportation and hotels for their workers but they do not cover these expenses.

I'm going to the April 23rd Raw Supershow in which the start time was changed from 8:15 to 7:15. While it's not confirmed, is this the Raw that will host the 2012 draft?

WWE has not confirmed the date for the 2012 WWE Draft, however, April 23, 2012 is the rumored date. This is also the go-home for Extreme Rules which would make sense in that remaining Wrestlemania feuds will be blown off at the pay-per-view and the company can start fresh on April 30th. When/if a confirmation is made, we will pass the information along.

With WWE paying for the rehab of many former stars, you'd think the cost would add up. Do you have any idea, as to what WWE has spent on the rehab program since it began?

One would think the expense would add up but the only ballpark number I have heard for sure is what the company has spent on Scott Hall. Stephanie McMahon said in a piece that aired on ESPN last year the company has spent 6-figures on Hall which is the most they've spent on any former star.

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