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Heat Between CM Punk & Chris Jericho, Raw Time Constraints, Has Flair Ruined His Legacy?, Storyline Firings

Are the Twitter insults between CM Punk and Chris Jericho a work or is there legitimately bad blood between the two?

In this business you never know but I'm going to reach and say CM Punk and Chris Jericho probably don't like one another. CM Punk's character on TV is a realistic portrayal of his real-life personality, just turned all the way up. Metaphorically speaking it's the same TV show, just on max volume. Punk rubs a lot of people the wrong way because he is outspoken and opinionated. He's always been over with the right people in WWE hence the opportunities he's received to become a main event talent. With that being said, when/if Jericho returns to WWE he has a nice return feud already setup that would have the potential to bring him back as a heel.

When WWE Raw goes beyond the two hour limit, what stops the next show from automatically starting? Isn't it possible the USA Network could cut the show off?

WWE's production staff works with the USA Network to work out the weekly overrun. Some weeks they are given more time than others but because of their communication, they are assured the show will not cut off before it's over. They were clearly running late on Monday and were given extra time as we saw the Michael Cole/Jim Ross segment cut due to time constraints. Mondays are always very stressful for everyone in WWE as they are up against the live TV window. This is also the reason pay-per-views are never booked up until 11:00 PM ET because they will cut off (it actually happened in the dying days of WCW).

This may have been asked before but Ric Flair is now just a balding embarrassment. Do you think TNA will give him one last push to save his legacy amongst the younger generation?

First of all I want to be on the record as to saying I am not calling Ric Flair a "balding embarrassment." I respect Flair for what he has done for the business and this is solely the comment of a reader and is not a representation of my thoughts on the Nature Boy. As for Ric Flair's career, I was very vocal in defending his decision to return to the ring with TNA. My point was if he wants to return, why should a storyline retirement [in WWE] stop him? I realize WWE let him go out like no one before but at the end of the day it was still an angle that WWE cashed in on. However, we can evaluate Flair's career with TNA and can clearly see he has failed to protect his character and it has suffered as a result. The moment that sobered me was when Flair went under to Jay Lethal (who is no longer with the company) at TNA Victory Road last year only for Jeff Hardy to beat Lethal the next night at the Impact taping for that week. It was that moment I saw how big of a mistake Flair made by returning to a second-tier company. Fortunately for Flair not enough people are watching to ruin his legacy and most people probably don't even realize how badly he's been booked.

With all the storylines with WWE talent getting "fired" and "re-hired" do you think anyone will take it seriously when they actually do leave the company?

There is a clear difference from a storyline "firing" and someone legitimately getting fired, however, the thought crossed my mind while watching Raw Supershow on Monday about how overdone the "firings" and "re-hirings" have been. WWE relies on their fan base having short memories but because they have overdone storyline "firings," a lot less people pay attention when it happens. What used to create a "is it real or is it scripted?" buzz has become much more "run of the mill."

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