Heat On Alberto Del Rio?, Cody Rhodes Off TV, Doink Mention, David Otunga

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Alberto Del Rio

With Alberto del Rio saying that he doesn't like most of the guys in the locker room, doesn't he run any risks to get in the doghouse by saying that?

I don't see Alberto Del Rio accumulating any backstage heat for being honest. The fact of the matter is not everyone gets along and there is a lot of jealously of Del Rio for his success. He's been booked at the top of the card since coming to WWE and is obviously making more money as a result. His best friend is Drew McIntyre, who was the best man in his wedding, and he is also good friends with Ricardo Rodriguez. These guys spend a lot of time together and there are a lot of strong personalities. Would it have shocked anyone if it were CM Punk making these comments? It's just how things work but it’s not really a big deal.

Besides getting married, is there another reason why Cody Rhodes is getting written off of television?

Cody Rhodes is indeed taking time off to get married as we noted here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com. I am not aware of it being anything more than that but I was very high up on Rhodes' work on Raw from his stuff in the ring to his departing backstage segment.

Do you think it was poor taste for Triple H to get heat by insulting Doink the Clown on this week's Raw?

Perhaps I have been around the business too long but I took Triple H's mention of Doink the Clown as a tribute to the late Matt Osborne. The Doink character was never intended to a champion but it was very effective.

David Otunga hasn't appeared on TV in months. Is he still with WWE?

David Otunga is still under WWE contract but that's all the information I have as of this writing.

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