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Heat On Shaq?, How Daniel Bryan Gained WWE’s Confidence, More Be a STAR Hypocrisy, Vladimir Kozlov

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Has Shaq blown his chance of appearing at Wrestlemania by talking about it over this past weekend? A little like Brodus Clay did when he spoiled his debut vs. John Morrison?

WWE officials weren't happy when Shaquille O'Neal first announced he was negotiating for a possible match against Big Show at Wrestlemania, however, I have a hard time believing they would walk away from Shaq based on him talking. WWE likes O'Neal and the mainstream media attention he brings to the product. I don't know what caused the announcement from dot com but hopefully we'll find out soon enough.

Daniel Bryan has gotten over through in-ring skills alone. What do you think made him stand out the most compared to the rest of the roster that's lacking in look/mic skills?

I disagree Daniel Bryan has gotten over on in-ring skills alone. Bryan's in-ring skills clearly caused WWE to pay attention to him but Daniel Bryan has gained the confidence of management by how well he has embraced his heel turn. I'll be the first to admit I didn't think Bryan's title reign would last at all when he won at WWE TLC but the company tested out a heel turn and he's taken full advantage of the opportunity. I couldn't be happier to see Daniel Bryan as World Heavyweight Champion going into Wrestlemania and I hope his success continues.

How does WWE's highest profile performer [John Cena] calling Eve Torres a "hoeski" and a "skank-a-potamus" fit into the WWE's anti-bullying campaign? I understand it’s an angle, but isn’t Eve the #1 face Diva in the company who has been working with Mick Foley about domestic abuse vs women issues?

WWE's anti-bullying campaign is filled with hypocrisy and the latest storyline with Eve highlights it as good as any. On one hand they are running PSA's to raise awareness about bullying while on the other hand they are degrading women with the aforementioned terms. The company defense line is "this is just for the show" but I agree it doesn't make sense. After all, how is calling someone a "hoeski" and "skank-a-potamus" showing tolerance and respect?

How about a "where are they now?" - Vladimir Kozlov

Since his WWE release last year, Vladimir Kozlov has been working as Alexander Kozlov in Japan and as the Moscow Mauler in Mexico. There is a website providing updates on Kozlov as well as selling new merchandise located at

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