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Heat On WWE Star Over Wellness, Dean Ambrose, Gorilla Position, Vince & Mr. McMahon

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Is there still major heat on Evan Bourne relating to his two WWE Wellness Policy in close succession or has the length of his injury basically made it forgotten?

Did Evan Bourne's career-threatening foot injury save his career? No one will know for sure but Bourne had nuclear backstage heat following his second WWE Wellness Policy violation on January 17, 2012 for smoking synthetic marijuana. Everyone I spoke with felt like Bourne's WWE career was over and he wouldn't be brought back. Once his 60-day suspension was up he was involved in a car accident that mangled his foot and the focus shifted on his health over his "Wellness."

I've been waiting every week for the debut of Dean Ambrose. I read the creative team was working on a storyline for him. Any news on when we can be seeing him on Raw or Smackdown?

I have been writing for what feels like months the main roster debut of Dean Ambrose is imminent yet it still hasn't happened. At the rate things change in WWE, if this isn't proof enough, it's extremely difficult to give you an exact date. Dean Ambrose worked a dark match against Kofi Kingston prior to this week's Smackdown television tapings and is still preparing for his debut.

What does it mean when it's written Vince McMahon is standing in Gorilla?

Gorilla is the term used for the position just before the entrance curtain at WWE TVs and PPVs where Vince McMahon remains with a headset and runs the show. The name comes from the late Gorilla Monsoon who stood in the position late in his career.

How is Vince McMahon’s real-life persona in relation to the Mr. McMahon character played on WWE television?

Mr. McMahon, like most successful gimmicks, is Vince’s real-life persona “turned all the way up.” Vince is a very intimidating guy but perhaps the biggest difference between him and his on-air character is that Mr. McMahon comes off as very unapproachable. While Vince has the final say on everything in WWE, he’s willing to meet with talent (especially workers he feels have the potential to become top guys) when they have ideas or want to discuss their characters. Chris Jericho makes note of this in his latest “Undisputed” autobiography when he was trying to get his first break in WWE. For those that want a detailed prospective of how things function backstage, I recommend both of Chris Jericho’s books and Bret Hart’s book.

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