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Heat On Zack Ryder?, Commentary At WWE Over The Limit, Undertaker's Status, Sheffield's Return As Ryback

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Is there any heat on Zack Ryder? It seems his run on television has been significantly scaled back.

Have you ever heard the popular excuse that "creative has nothing for you"? That's the situation Zack Ryder finds himself in, as do many of the mid-carders in the company. It's a situation where Ryder had an opportunity but struggled to gain grounding. This is nothing more than the life of a mid-card talent and I'm unaware of any particular backstage heat on him.

What did you think of the commentary at WWE Over the Limit?

I haven't commented on the commentary at WWE Over the Limit but I felt it was the best Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T have worked together. They were fun and entertaining and not over-the-top and annoying. They had a very difficult job with John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis as the show's main event and passed with flying colors. Cole gets a lot of heat from the IWC but one thing that's always worth noting is he stepped in a position that was "no win" in trying to replace the best play-by-play man of all-time in Jim Ross.

Is there any update regarding The Undertaker?

The Undertaker is semi-retired and I haven't heard his name connected with anything that doesn't have to do with Wrestlemania. Given the fact that WWE wants to keep selling "the streak" and Undertaker only has a select number of matches left, I would be surprised if he's used before Wrestlemania XXIX next year.

Why did WWE bring back Skip Sheffield as Ryback?

Ryback was Skip Sheffield's old gimmick as he was a WWE developmental standout along with Sheamus as Sheamus O'Shaunessy and Ryback were a tag team prior to Sheamus being called up to the main roster. While The Nexus provided Sheffield a good opportunity, he was nothing more than an extra to people like Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan. The revamp as Ryback gives him a chance to become a much "bigger deal" in WWE.

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