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HHH Over Vince, Rawactive Polls Fixed?, Ryback Over, Illogical AJ/Cena Scandal

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You all reported on Monday Vince McMahon wasn't at this week's WWE Raw and Triple H likely filled in for him. Was it just me or was this week's show better?

This week's show had a different feel to it. I don't know if it was a coincidence or if Hunter had an "on night" calling the shots but this week's Raw was a stronger effort than we have seen in recent weeks. The show was wrestling-heavy and had a good flow throughout. Unfortunately we're going to be subjected to CM Punk vs. Ryback again with the same quandary in that Punk has to remain strong for The Rock without completely burying Ryback.

It felt like the results of this week's Rawactive poll were fixed. These results point to that. What are your thoughts?

I was surprised Kane was "voted in" as the opponent to face CM Punk, especially because Daniel Bryan vs. Punk is the epitome of awesomeness but clearly there were other plans. Given the fact it's Twitter hashtags and there isn't a clear systematic form of voting, I wouldn't put it past WWE to rig the poll. In the past when WWE has done voting the vote counts have been legitimate but the company usually skews the results where the outcomes are obvious.

Is Ryback finally over to the point in which Vince McMahon had hoped for?

Despite horrendous booking for two pay-per-view main events, Ryback appears to be more over as a WWE babyface than ever. I can't explain it other than the exposure has served him well and the company has benefitted from his tremendous look. Other than that we haven't seen much in terms of in-ring or mic abilities.

I know it’s a storyline but the John Cena and AJ Lee scandal makes no sense... When Vickie Guerrero was General Manager of Smackdown wasn't she shoving her tongue down Edge’s throat and even when she was GM of Raw she was doing the same with Dolph Ziggler? Has WWE just forgotten about that? Wouldn't Vickie be in trouble too? To me it makes no sense…

WWE has a convenient way of forgetting the past to make storylines fit into what they want to do. I'm sure someone brought it up to Vince McMahon and his reaction was probably something along the lines of "no one remembers that." Vince counts on his audience to have a short memory so they can do what they want to do. The entire Cena/AJ "scandal" started as a rib on Cena for his real-life affairs that were close to being brought up in his divorce proceedings.

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