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HHH's New Power, Bellator/Impact, Time In NXT, WWE Pecking Order, Time For The Streak To RIP

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Does Vince McMahon get personally involved in signing all of the talent to WWE contracts?

Vince McMahon has the final say on everything in WWE but lately Triple H has assumed some of the responsibilities. Chris Jericho recently revealed he talked completely with Hunter when negotiating his surprise return to WWE. While Vince is giving Triple H more and more responsibilities and power, I look for him to remain involved in some capacity for the rest of his life.

What's with all of the Bellator mentions on Impact Wrestling?

Spike TV executives issued a directive for Impact Wrestling to help promote Bellator in hopes of carrying the pro wrestling audience. The Bellator deal is important for Spike TV as they try and fill the void left by UFC going to FOX. One of the ways TNA is hoping to cross-over the audiences is with King Mo. The idea is to have him compete for both Bellator and Impact Wrestling. Given his loss last week [on Bellator], I wondered if he has still has the ability to draw. You can read that article at this link.

Leo Kruger has spent nearly three years in developmental without a call-up. Why so long?

It's not unusual for workers to spend several years in WWE's developmental system before getting called up. One name that comes to mind is Sheamus. He signed his developmental contract with WWE in 2006 and didn't debut on the main roster until 2009. The point of WWE developmental is to get talented workers under contract and then train and season them for future roles.

John Cena is #1, CM Punk is #2. Who is #3 and #4 right now?

If you're looking for the WWE pecking order right now, you've got to start with The Rock, however, if you are looking at just full-time talent it starts with John Cena. Cena is the "face of the company" followed by CM Punk. Randy Orton used to have the #2 or "1b" spot but is currently further down the card. Other full-time main eventers include Alberto Del Rio, Sheamus, Ryback and Big Show. It's an ever changing landscape that is currently blown up with the roster additions of the aforementioned Rock as well as Brock Lesnar, Triple H and the expected Undertaker.

CM Punk vs. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. Who do you want going over?

We've talked about CM Punk vs. Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 a lot this week. This is the direction WWE is looking to go and I heard Undertaker was against any outcome that ended "the streak." I've been strong and consistent over the years Undertaker has earned the right to retire undefeated at Wrestlemania. My point was there isn't anyone capable of ending "the streak" on the roster that would benefit from it. That is until now. CM Punk is the only candidate in which would benefit greatly by ending "the streak" and would be the one contracted talent with the potential to take the #1 spot from John Cena. Following a historic WWE title reign, Punk has racked up too many losses and another to Undertaker could be detrimental to his future in the company. Undertaker is 20-0 at Wrestlemania and one can take one look at him from last Saturday and see the end of his in-ring days are upon us. He's accomplished all there is to accomplish and putting over a guy proven to be a major draw could be a very significant accomplishment on his way into retirement. Many of you will disagree with me, I'm already well aware. However, putting Punk under gives no long-term payoff what so ever.

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