Hogan Disrespectful To Sting, NXT Matches On WWE PPVs, Why Bryan Was Snubbed, 2nd/3rd Gen Talent

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Given Hulk Hogan's comments about Sting working in WWE, that if they can't book a match against Undertaker it should be against John Cena, what do you think about the bout being against a top heel? Maybe someone like Randy Orton?

There is a rather long list of Sting "dream matches" that could be a possibility now that a working relationship between WWE and Sting has been established. The obvious choice from everyone is Undertaker vs. Sting then there are several different opinions. Hogan's opinion of Sting vs. John Cena is one of many. Sting vs. Triple H is also a possibility and even someone like Randy Orton is realistic. Regardless, I want to see Sting work in WWE. It's something he's put off doing and if it's going to happen, it has to be now. Back to Hogan's comments, I felt it was disrespectful for him to refer to Sting as a southern type wrestler. However, I won't read much into the comments other than Hogan being Hogan.

What would you think of the WWE holding an NXT match on the pay-per-views, now that NXT is being viewed by more people on the WWE Network?

I would be against it. It's fine to feature NXT workers in certain situations (such as an entrant in the 30-man Royal Rumble) but a mandated NXT bout at each WWE pay-per-view would come off as overkill. I actually like how WWE has done it with Arrival and Takeover, dedicating one night where NXT talent get to shine in their environment on the WWE Network. It puts all of the focus where it should be and the events come off as a "big deal." While more people watch NXT and are familiar with it now that it airs on the WWE Network, the bouts wouldn't come off as such on main roster pay-per-views.

Why was Daniel Bryan not featured in the world television premiere of Wrestlemania 30 Sunday night on NBC?

We reported in the middle of July that Daniel Bryan's matches would be excluded from the world television premiere special of Wrestlemania 30. On Monday morning, we explained it was due to Daniel Bryan being out of WWE's storyline plans indefinitely. Basically a situation where WWE didn't want to use an hour on NBC to promote something they couldn't immediately followup on. Whether or not you agree, that's the reason for the exclusion and not some anti-Daniel Bryan agenda.

Do 2nd/3rd generation Superstars and Divas have better chances at getting pushes than a normal new star would or is more expected of them because of their past?

The answer to your question is both. Workers like Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas, Cody Rhodes, etc. have received wonderful opportunities. It's likely these opportunities were fast-tracked because of the connections they have in the business through their fathers. However, once these workers get signed, expectations are extremely high and the pressure is much more than the average developmental worker. As we've seen, getting signed doesn't guarantee superstardom. Orton did well for himself, Bray Wyatt, Bo Dallas and Cody Rhodes are "getting there" (although Cody has been up quite some time). However, there are others, such as Manu and Ted DiBiase, that are both out of WWE. Curtis Axel was given the green light for a major push and flopped, while The Usos turned the corner when they were almost "endangered species." It all depends on the situation and how the crowd responds but this is clearly a double-edge sword.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2012: Is it possible to have the Legacy reunite? This could accomplish Randy Orton’s heel turn and possibly see Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as Tag Team Champions. - Anything is possible but there is no way this wouldn’t be a step back for all three. Legacy was created to give DiBiase and Rhodes momentum as future stars. Neither has reached their potential like many had hoped, however, I don’t see the reformation of their former stable. DiBiase has had his fair share of setbacks and as I type this Rhodes is out with an injury. Rhodes is three years younger than DiBiase at 27 so the more urgent situation would be that of Ted DiBiase and I think he’s still further behind Rhodes.

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