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Will Hulk Hogan really compete at Wrestlemania 32 or is this “Hogan being Hogan?”

Hulk Hogan will not be silenced! The man wants another match - get him a pair of boots and let’s get ready for the finger point, leg drop and pose… at Wrestlemania 32 of course.

I’ll start by reminding you that Hogan, like Vince McMahon, is a master promoter. It’s what has made him the most successful pro wrestler of all time. Hogan knows how to get people talking and regardless of all the outlandish things that he’s said, he still finds a way to stay relevant and generate hype. Hogan’s job in doing media for WWE in Australia is to get people talking. He got them talking like only he can.

As for this actually happening and Hogan headlining Wrestlemania 32 next year, I wouldn’t consider it likely but a match is still possible.

When Hogan was still with TNA Wrestling, I was told he was considering leaving when his contract was up if he had to take a pay cut because he wanted a match in WWE against John Cena. I thought my source was crazy; they turned out to be crazy right. Hogan legitimately wants a match in WWE against John Cena and apparently, Cena would welcome it. Triple H and Vince McMahon, on the other hand, are not as enthusiastic. One of the things WWE was very careful with in developing a deal for Hogan to return to the company last year was that any deal would not be contingent on Hogan getting a match.

But that hasn’t stopped Hogan from campaigning publicly for one. I actually believe he wants to generate the buzz so he can take it to Vince McMahon and “force his hand.” That was his plan at one point.

All and all, we’ll chalk Hogan’s comments up as to “Hogan being Hogan” but that doesn’t mean they can’t turn into something more.

What did you make of Booker T having to apologize for his Owen Hart comment on last week’s Raw? It seemed harmless to me.

I can’t confirm if he apologized on his own accord or was asked to apologize but I wasn’t offended.

If you just looked at Booker T’s comment without the context of the match (that was Luke Harper vs. Neville), I could understand the outrage. But a simple play of the tape showed that he was just trying to highlight the gravity defying ability of Neville.

For those that need the backstory, last week on Raw during Harper vs. Neville, JBL started a discussion about Owen Hart being a former King of the Ring that was a high-flier. Book commented that Owen “didn’t defy gravity.”

Booker apologized on Twitter shortly after the show went off the air.

Maybe a poor choice of words at the absolute worst but like I said, I wasn’t offended and understood the point Booker T was trying to make. I didn’t see a whole lot of outrage on social media either, which makes me wonder if someone in WWE overreacted and asked him to do so.

Much to the dismay of many, Triple H is an avid supporter of Floyd Mayweather. What are your thoughts on his controversial fandom? Should WWE stay away?

Triple H has been a fan of Floyd Mayweather for as long as I can remember, increasing his support (at least publicly) after Mayweather worked for WWE in 2008. The support has come under public scrutiny as Darren Young criticized WWE for supporting Mayweather due to comments he made on “Chelsea Lately” back in 2009.

More recently, Michelle Beadle (who was banned from Saturday’s super fight), said she was turning in her WWE "fan card" due to Triple H’s support of Mayweather, who she called a “serial abuser.”

You can read her Tweet below:

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Needless to say, Mayweather is extremely controversial. From comments he’s made to criminal convictions but it hasn’t stopped Hunter and WWE from supporting him publicly. Should WWE stay away? There are a lot of companies and sponsors that do but for whatever reason, that hasn’t been the case with the sports entertainment company. Will Lana turn babyface and split from Rusev? If she does, what’s her ceiling? I believe a Rusev/Lana split is inevitable and could even factor into the Rusev vs. John Cena match at WWE Payback. Does that make Lana babyface? According to a former WWE writer, there are no babyfaces or heels in the Divas division. However, I know for a fact WWE is looking for someone to take the place of AJ Lee. Lana seems primed to fit that role and has thrived since being called up to the main WWE roster. If she can get by with even middle-tier in-ring work, she has the ability to be the face of WWE’s Divas division. And that’s not me trying to knock the Bellas or anyone else, I just believe Lana has “it.” And we all know, you can’t teach “it.” Do you have a wrestling related question that you want to see included in Ask WNW? Send it here!

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