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Horrible Wrestling Weekend, NXT At WM31, Interactive PPVs, Why We Don't Cover Indies

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It is sad news to hear of a wrester’s death. We saw the video of El Hijo del Perro Aguayo being fatally injured on Friday night. What was the cause of death and what went wrong?

It is very sad and a sobering reminder of the risks that wrestlers take each time out.

Remember when Jesse Sorensen broke his neck in a TNA PPV match against Zema Ion a few years ago? I attended a TNA show the next week and had a chance to speak with several performers about what happened. While everyone was obviously shaken, they all told me they knew and understood the risks they take every time they compete. Outcomes are pre-planned and spots are choreographed but that doesn’t mean the risk isn’t real.

I have been very disturbed by some of the comments coming out after Aguayo Jr’s death blaming Rey Mysterio. Mysterio is one of the greatest in-ring performers of all time and one of the safest people to be in the ring with. The fact of the matter is accidents happen and that appears to be what occurred over the weekend.

The latest on cause of death, as reported here on Wrestling News World, was trauma to the neck and a cervical fracture. An investigation has been opened and we’ll continue to provide updates as they become available.

Noticeably, there is no NXT Takeover scheduled this month. Do you think WWE is protecting Wrestemania's matches from getting out shined as the last few PPVs have?

WWE just had an NXT special event last month and they don’t do them monthly. NXT will have a heavy presence over Wrestlemania 31 weekend and there will be developmental talent on the pay-per-view itself. There is a continued issue with NXT outshining the main roster and it’s still causing problems.

Having recently watched the PPVs Taboo Tuesday and Cyber Sunday on the WWE Network, do you not think the WWE should utilize their App and have another interactive PPV?

I always thought the Taboo Tuesday/Cyber Sunday shows were fun. They were cut because the buys dwindled away. The final Cyber Sunday in 2008 did 153,000 pay-per-view buys. In the WWE Network era, buys are no longer the primary driver but fan interest is obviously still the top priority.

With the WWE Network, I’m not sure how these shows would work. WWE promoted the interactive show through online voting but with the shows broadcasting online there would probably be some concern about people having to leave the feed to cast their vote. If WWE could configure the voting where it popped over the feed without interrupting it, that would be pretty neat.

I would love to see ROH results more than TNA results, as ROH is a FAR superior product.... My question is this: Will you please start showing more ROH content?

Ring of Honor is a great in-ring product and they aren’t alone. There are many indies that have great iPPVs and a superior in-ring product compared to what you may see in the mainstream. The thing is, we’re a publication that covers mainstream sports entertainment. Yes, we appreciate great in-ring work as the next person but I made a philosophical decision a couple of years ago to hone in on WWE and the promotions that broadcast to the mainstream audience.

We have significantly scaled back our coverage of TNA Wrestling because they are no longer a mainstream promotion. They are bigger than an independent promotion, which is why you’ll still find coverage of their shows, but much smaller than they were when they aired on Spike TV.

I would rather provide the most insightful and in-depth coverage mainstream coverage than trying to sift through independent promotions. That doesn’t mean they’re bad, they just aren’t part of our vision.

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