How Are Road Expenses Handled For WWE Talent?

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Does WWE pay for travel expenses for their talent?

WWE pays for flights for their talent but they’re on their own for other travel expenses.

Some of the bigger names — like Randy Orton and Big Show — travel in their own tour buses to avoid the hustle and bustle of the airport. Also, you can probably imagine how difficult it is for someone the size of Big Show to fly on an airplane. While WWE owns a jet, they do not normally charter private flights like professional sports teams.

As for international tours, all road expenses are paid.

WWE foots the bill for NXT talent when they are brought on the road.

How it works is a WWE talent is paid a $500 show bonus for every appearance, their flights are booked and paid for but other expenses can be used as a tax write off. Remember, WWE performer’s contracts are independent contractor agreements. They are not classified as employees.

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