How Rock Prepares, Behind-The-Scenes Process, WWE Production, Now Or Never?

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When two wrestlers who have never faced each other - like The Rock and CM Punk - did they work together for the first time on PPV or did they train and/or rehearse their moves together in a gym a few days before the show?

The Rock vs. CM Punk is a unique situation as most pay-per-view main events get to be rehearsed at live events leading up to the pay-per-views. Due to the fact The Rock is part-time and doesn't work live events; he has to find other time to brush up on his in-ring work. To the best of my knowledge he didn't physically work in the ring with CM Punk until Royal Rumble. He trained for the bout with Michael McGillicutty. You can view a photo of them together at this link.

How many days or hours before a show does a wrestler know the outcome of his match? Do they meet with the creative team?

Here's how the process goes. The writers write the script and it goes to Vince McMahon for final approval. Once Vince has signed off there is a production meeting where the writers meet with producers. The producers are assigned matches to produce on the card and its their responsibility to convey what the writers have written to the talent. The workers involved will usually meet and discuss what they want to do in the match. As for the timeframe, it depends on the show, the match and the situation.

When WWE turns out the lights to get workers in the ring (as was the case on Raw with Sheamus, John Cena & Ryback), how do they know when to turn them back on?

Everything is planned out and coordinated beforehand. They know exactly when the lights are going to go out, when the workers are going to leave gorilla, etc. What you see on television follows a script that has went through a process like I mentioned above.

Is it now or never for the WWE Network? It seems like announcing the network at Wrestlemania 29 is very important given The Rock is at the peak of his popularity.

It's not now or never but WWE has to get clearance. Last week there was a very noteworthy development with DirecTV surveying subscribers about the network. Should WWE sign an agreement with DirecTV it would be enough clearance to force the cable providers to carry the network. The best possible time WWE could make an announcement would be live on an episode of WWE Raw the week before or the week after Wrestlemania 29.

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