How TNA Workers Get Paid By WWE, Undertaker Wrestlemania Ready?, Forgotten Raw GM Angle, Main Eventers & WWE Wellness Policy

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When a WWE star is either fired or quits what happens to the money made from merchandise sales? Do they still receive it or does it go back into the company?

When a WWE star leaves the company they still get a percentage of money from the merchandise that is sold using their likeness. For example, Eric Bischoff still receives a check from WWE for sales of his "Controversy Creates Cash" book the company published when he was under WWE contract. There are several other workers, including those in TNA, that still get checks from WWE merchandise. This is also why when a worker is released their merchandise will go on clearance so the company is able to quickly eliminate it from their stock.

Do you see The Undertaker in better condition to compete at Wrestlemania XXVIII this year than he has been in years past?

The Undertaker has been like a fine wine, he's gotten better with age. If he does work Wrestlemania as expected I feel he will be ready to go and will put on a good match. Undertaker hasn't worked in a year as problems with his knees, shoulder and back prevents him from working full-time.

Why did WWE never explain who was behind the Anonymous Raw General Manager?

The Anonymous Raw General Manager gimmick was a huge waste of time. Vince McMahon stuck with it for so long because he liked the reaction Michael Cole was getting by reading the emails. There was a lot of talk when they brought Triple H back to TV as "COO" to "run Raw" about whether or not they should reveal someone behind the gimmick. The writing team went back and forth but ultimately decided to quietly drop the angle (by removing the laptop and platform) with John Laurinaitis taking over on an "interim basis." I heard they felt anyone revealed behind it would be a letdown and with the Laurinaitis gimmick ready to go, they moved forward.

Will WWE actually remove a main even talent if they were given three strikes under the WWE Wellness Policy?

There are plenty of conspiracy theories when one talks about the WWE Wellness Policy. The loophole, which I've explained before, is that if a worker has a prescription for something they test positive for (with some exceptions such as SOMAS) they are cleared of the positive test. Obviously the argument is, the main eventers have more money, and thus they have the ability to pay doctors to supply them with valid prescriptions. While not perfect, the Wellness Policy has been effective in significantly cleaning up the locker room.

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