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How Wellness Strikes Work, Punk's Theme Music, Plans For Orton, Wrestlemania Weather, Hall Doing Well

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How long does a Wellness strike last on someone's record? Is it like MLB where you do it multiple times and you are out or if you are clean for 1-2 years and you get a clean slate?

WWE Wellness strikes do not go away. One strike and the worker is suspended for 30 days without pay, two strikes and the worker is suspended for 60 days without pay, three strikes and the worker is terminated. If the worker leaves WWE with one or two Wellness strikes, they'll return with those strikes. If a worker is terminated for three strikes (which has never happened), they cannot come back for at least one year. When/if they return, they would be subject to more stringent testing and would carry two Wellness strikes. WWE has an FAQ attached with their Wellness Policy that you can read at this link.

I know in the past, WWE has paid to use music (FUEL 'Leave The Memories Alone', Johnny Cash 'Ain't No Grave, etc.) on question is about CM Punk's current entrance music, Living Colour's 'Cult of Personality'. The original version is owned by Sony/Legacy which the WWE would have to pay big $ for....however, Living Colour re-recorded the song a couple of years back, which would be much cheaper to use. Do you know which version they are using?

I don't know which version of "Cult of Personality" that WWE is using, however, I can tell you it wasn't cheap to get the rights to use the song for CM Punk's entrance music. The request came from Punk when he was negotiating a new WWE contract a couple years ago. A worker getting to pick their own entrance music in WWE is extremely rare.

Does WWE have any major plans for Randy Orton?

Randy Orton has clearly been replaced by CM Punk as the "1b" to John Cena and is further down the card than he's been since becoming a main event talent. Some blame his Wellness issues while others blame the booking of his character. The word from backstage at this week's WWE Raw was that the company missed an opportunity with Orton. Find out what it was and the future of his character at this link.

Does WWE have a backup plan in case of bad weather at Wrestlemania 29?

WWE is prepared for inclement weather as they provide covering for the ring canvas. The concern I have is the weather for the fans in MetLife Stadium in early April. Rain is one thing but the cold sounds miserable. I'm not attending this year but I suggest all readers buy some of this warm Wrestlemania merch. It's really sharp and will keep you warm.

How is Scott Hall after moving in with Diamond Dallas Page and Jake Roberts?

Jake Roberts wrote on Twitter that Scott has "done really well" since his arrival. He says hip surgery is Hall's next hurdle. This couldn't have happened at a better time for Scott as the rehabilitation facility WWE was trying to get him in was full and they were looking at an alternative place to put him. Given the fact rehab has never worked for Hall before, this couldn't be better. I have a whole lot of respect for Diamond Dallas Page for what he's doing.

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