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How WWE Ruined Brock Lesnar, Missing Divas, Jericho Passing The Torch, Evan Bourne Update

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Don't you think the premise that Brock Lesnar is the conqueror, with nothing left to prove in the WWE, would have been WAY more effective if Lesnar had beaten John Cena?

WWE is basically in damage-control mode by portraying Brock Lensar as the dominant conqueror that "accomplished everything" in a very short period of time. The problem is Lesnar is 1-1 since returning and is hardly a dominant force by beating Triple H who is 0-2 for the year. The company expects logic to be thrown out the window with fans ignoring match outcomes and basing it on Lesnar's "destructive tendencies." The fact of the matter is WWE made a monumental mistake by putting Cena over Lesnar at Extreme Rules and are paying for it with every Lesnar match going forward. I have more on the original plans for Lesnar vs. Triple H at SummerSlam this link.

Where was Kelly Kelly in the Divas Battle Royal on this week's WWE Raw? They showed her on the graphic for the match but she wasn't in it.

Both Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix were shown in the graphic for the number one contender battle royal but neither were in the match or backstage at the show. I cannot confirm where either Diva was as of this writing.

What is your opinion of Chris Jericho "passing the torch" to Dolph Ziggler on WWE Raw rather than SummerSlam?

While Chris Jericho vs. Dolph Ziggler on WWE Raw may have had more eyes on it than their bout at SummerSlam, I still find Jericho over Ziggler on the pay-per-view as an inexcusable outcome. From making the outcome to their Raw bout obvious to Ziggler getting no payoff from the company's second biggest show of the year, I said the only way I was for Ziggler going under at the pay-per-view was only if he "cashed in."

What is Evan Bourne's status?

Evan Bourne continues to recover from a career-threatening foot injury he suffered in a car accident in March. Bourne checked in with a new update on Monday that you can read at this link.

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