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Hulk Hogan's Relationship With Vince McMahon, Lashley Returning To WWE?, WWE Network Overseas, Mick Foley's Current Role

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What is Hulk Hogan's relationship with Vince McMahon like? Is there a chance Hogan could ever end up back in WWE?

Hulk Hogan and Vince McMahon have a very unique relationship to say the least. Both have huge egos, however, the success they've endured can be traced back to one another. I personally believe there is a mutual amount of respect between Hogan and McMahon but they are not by any means friends. The talk when Hogan first came to TNA was that he couldn't agree to terms on a WWE deal so he decided to help out TNA. While initially unhappy that Hogan joined Dixie Carter and company, I've heard McMahon has grown apathetic to workers such as Hogan and Ric Flair working for his "competition." There was probably some initial fear that Hogan could elevate TNA but that clearly has not happened.

What are the chances Bobby Lashley returns to WWE?

Bobby Lashley has always been pretty firm that he had moved on from WWE into other things. He liked working for TNA because they still allowed him to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts. Based on Lashley's recent comments, it seems like he actually wants another run in WWE. One of the reasons Lashley left WWE was the way they treated his real-life girlfriend Kristal Marshall. The last I heard they had broken up, so perhaps Lashley doesn't feel strong dislike for the higher ups in WWE like he did at one point. Obviously another reason could be that his MMA career hasn't gone anywhere and the clock is ticking on the prime of his career.

Will the WWE Network be available in Europe? If not, will you be able to order pay-per-views the same way?

Very little is known regarding the clearance of the WWE Network. As I have reported, there have been plans pitched to change the WWE pay-per-view model by moving B-level shows to the WWE Network. However, we do not know if the WWE Network is going to be a premium pay channel like HBO, a cable channel like the NFL Network or some other model we haven't seen before (all three ideas have come up). Given WWE's commitment to profitable overseas markets, I do not see them being left out in the plans. It troubles me that we are only months away from the WWE Network launch yet much of it remains a mystery.

What has happened to Mick Foley in WWE?

Mick Foley is under contract with WWE. While I do not know what type of deal, I'm assuming it's a Legend's Contract that gives the company exclusive access to him but it isn't as limiting as a Performer's Contract. He is currently on the road with the Raw brand.

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