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IC Cup, Jericho's WWE Contract, Goldust, Wrestlemania Plans For Undertaker

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What happened to the Intercontinental Cup? WWE was heavily building it in their promotion for Main Event this week but after reading the taping results it looks like it wasn't taped.

From what I can tell in reading the taping results for this week's WWE Main Event, the Intercontinental Cup was not taped as you pointed out. Wade Barrett is teasing a major announcement for the competition on Twitter at 11 AM EST on Twitter. We'll post it if it's anything of note.

What is Chris Jericho's contract status? Is he here until Wrestlemania or is it something more long term?

Chris Jericho is under a short-term WWE contract that has him working through Wrestlemania 29. He is scheduled for TVs and even some live events although it's not a long-term deal from what I understand. At this point in Jericho's career he wants to pursue his music as much as he wants to utilize his in-ring talents.

Is there any hope of having Cody Rhodes vs. Goldust at Wrestlemania 29?

It sure doesn't look like it as Goldust worked the 30-man Royal Rumble match under a per shot deal. He still wants a Wrestlemania match against Cody and confirmed that here. Last year he tried to rally his Twitter followers into pushing WWE for the bout but it never happened.

Any word on Wrestlemania plans for The Undertaker?

Undertaker still hasn't made a commitment to work Wrestlemania 29. We reported in October 2012 he was considering sitting the show out because he felt slighted. The belief was later that he would be on the show and now it's believed he's been more reluctant in part due to his health. A new plan involving Undertaker was pitched backstage Monday at Raw that you can read about at this link. In total, it's all speculation until a deal is worked out to confirm him.

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