Independent Contractor Status In WWE, Randy Orton's Injury, The Cryptic Videos, Jeff Hardy


Are WWE wrestlers classified as WWE employees or independent contractors?

WWE wrestlers signed under performer's contracts are classified as independent contractors, not company employees. Due to the independent contractor status, there is no set pay structure or union that offers benefits. The classification has been argued and even fought in court; however, the bottom line is every wrestler under a WWE performer's contract has legally agreed to be an independent contractor for WWE. We can debate the classification for hours but it makes no sense for a wrestler to agree to working as an independent contractor only to argue it once the agreement has ended. A contract is only binding if both sides agree and no matter how much someone may argue a WWE performer's contract, they have to sign it for it to become legally binding.

What have you heard regarding Randy Orton's injury suffered at last night's Smackdown taping?

The initial word regarding Randy Orton's injury at last night's Smackdown taping is not good. I heard the injury has to do with his back and it could be serious. We should have more later today.

What is your gut telling you as to who is behind the cryptic videos on Raw Supershow?

For me to name a worker that is behind the cryptic videos would be nothing more than an educated guess. As far as I know Chris Jericho still hasn't signed a WWE contract and he and his reps are denying he is returning. The feeling within WWE was if they couldn't get Jericho, they would use the videos to re-debut The Undertaker in time for Wrestlemania. I posted a Backstage News article on the videos yesterday at this link.

Could you ever see Jeff Hardy returning to WWE?

We never like to use the word never in this business because anything is possible. However, I can tell you there is currently zero interest in Jeff Hardy. Despite all his problems, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff see him as the top babyface in TNA Impact Wrestling and I wouldn't be surprised if he went over Bobby Roode for the title at Genesis.

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