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Injuries Occurring In Matches, Orton Pulled From TV?, The Shield, Booking TLC

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When a wrestler has an injury during a televised match (e.g. Cody Rhodes), how is the decision made to continue the match? In Cody's case, how is the decision made "on the fly" to continue the match, but without tagging Cody back in?

Injuries happen and that is one of the reasons for referees being involved in matches. In the case of Cody Rhodes, he was visibly injured and Damien Sandow didn't tag him back in. When an injury occurs during a singles match, it is common for the workers to "go-home quick" which is an alternative finish that goes directly to the end of the match so the injured worker can receive medical attention. If the injury is serious, the referee will stop the match and immediately signal to the back medical assistance is needed. All and all it's up to the workers and referees to communicate what is going on in the ring and make the decision on the fly.

What's up with Randy Orton? Why was he not featured on WWE television this week?

Randy Orton is advertised for this Saturday's WWE Smackdown live event in Columbia, South Carolina. We haven't heard why he didn't work this week's TVs but I did notice he was not included in the list of official advertised talent as of Tuesday afternoon. There is no reason to speculate further and if there is anything to it, we'll pass it along.

I have a question about The Shield. Do you think they will go far or will they be split up into singles competitors?

I saw three stars in the first Shield interview segment on this week's WWE Raw. I want to be careful because looks can be deceiving, but these guys are the "cream of the crop" of WWE's deep developmental system. We already know Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins have amazing in-ring talent and while I haven't see a lot of Roman Reigns' work, he's got the look. No one knows how successful The Shield will be but these guys provide reassurance the company has no shortage of future talent.

With two screwy finishes to the last two WWE pay-per-view main events involving Ryback, how are they going to book the match at WWE TLC?

I've been a very vocal critic of the way the last two WWE pay-per-view main events have been booked. There is really no reason for me to say it again but Ryback needed a victory to establish himself as a viable main eventer. WWE will have their third straight month of a match impossible to book with Punk needing to go over and Ryback needing to look strong. Despite the booking, Ryback is more over now than he's been but it's playing with fire.

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