Is Brock Lesnar Approachable & Friendly Or Distant & Aloof?

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Brock Lesnar is notorious for being a closed off person. Off the back of his new 3 year contract and considering he has been back in WWE for 3 years now, is he approachable and friendly to fellow WWE superstars backstage?

I think Brock Lesnar is someone that is respected and envied amongst talent in WWE. This is a weird business because the outcomes are predetermined, so how talent is pushed is not objective.

Even CM Punk, who was a loud critic of the part-timers, was friendly with Brock and they actually worked close together when they had a program at SummerSlam 2013. Punk’s beef was more with how WWE brought in someone under limited dates, pushed them to the sky and paid them more than the full-time guys that were around 300 days out of the year. In other words, his beef was more with WWE than it was Brock Lesnar personally.

I believe there’s a level of frustration from the talent that’s always on the road, working through injuries, only to lose main event spots to guys that work on limited occasions. How could there not be? Having written that, I don’t think it’s as personal as some want to believe. Brock is a draw for WWE and is simply taking advantage of that.

As for Lesnar’s personality, he’s not as outgoing as some in his position. Over the past 3 years, Brock has pretty much always done what he’s told. He has a reputation of being a bit of a prima donna and we’ve seen that with outbursts like he had at Raw in Nashville before Wrestlemania but such incidents have been few and far in-between.

I don’t know how approachable Brock Lesnar is in 2015. He gets his own accommodations backstage, his own transportation and is obviously in the main event every time out. However, I know he's reached out to CM Punk since Punk signed with UFC, so that tells me he's not as distant and isolated as some want to believe.

As for my opinion on Brock Lesnar and part-timers in WWE; my position was always I wanted to see the biggest talent at the biggest shows. My position started to change after Brock's exhausting WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign that featured limited appearances and defenses. However, I already feel better now that Seth Rollins is champion.

WWE is better off with Brock Lesnar than without him. He's still a bonafide main eventer and provides WWE with ample "big match" combinations for major pay-per-views but he must be used correctly. Putting the title on him was overkill due to its extended nature that featured limited defenses.

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