Is Daniel Bryan's Career Over? WWE Taking A Risk By Increasing PPVs

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Is Daniel Bryan’s career over?

I hope not but talk about a complete 180 from Monday’s Ask WNW. We learned over the weekend that Daniel Bryan was once again being advertised for Raw, a good sign right?

Well, as the day progressed, the mood seemed to change. It was later learned that WWE had set a deadline that if he was not cleared to compete this week, he would have to relinquish the Intercontinental Championship.

An MRI last week did not clear Bryan, so he was booked on this week’s Raw to vacate the title.

If you watched Bryan on Raw last night then you know it was clearly teased his career is in jeopardy. We’ll continue to monitor the situation but I can’t tell you how deflating this is. Bryan, one of the most talented in-ring workers of our generation, just can’t get healthy. A sobering reminder of the toll this business takes on the human body.

With WWE Payback on Sunday, the NXT TakeOver show next Thursday and the return of Elimination Chamber, is it safe to say WWE is overdoing it with pay-per-views?

WWE’s business model has changed and they realize that WWE Network subscriptions increase when there is more original live programming. That’s why WWE converted a live event to a pay-per-view special [in Elimination Chamber] that will be available exclusively on the WWE Network.

It’s no longer a situation where WWE builds the monthly pay-per-view on free TV, in hopes they can convince enough people to buy it. Now, WWE wants to get as many people as possible subscribed to the WWE Network and to keep them there. The best way they’ve found to do this is through their pay-per-views, which is why they were all made available through a paid subscription to the service.

Is it overkill? I believe that it is but I understand the new direction.

The problem with increasing the number of pay-per-views is they begin to feel less special and the risk with that is they will no longer be considered “must-see.” That’s what I don’t like about WWE doing monthly NXT pay-per-views. Will what was once considered a treat become “just another show?” I hope not but there are only so many times you can exceed expectations before those exceeded expectations become the expectation.

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