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Is Seth Rollins Unsafe?, Concern For Undertaker, Clearing Bryan, Rousey In WWE

Seth Rollins

Given the injuries Sting suffered and the fact that John Cena suffered a badly broken nose while working Seth Rollins, does he run the risk of being labeled unsafe or having his push aborted?

One of the things Bret Hart prides himself the most about is the fact that he never injured any of his opponents. Bret’s work was so good and so clean, he always protected his opponent. Ironically enough, his career was ended due to an injury sustained in a match. Bret is the best in-ring worker of all time and it will be very difficult for anyone to take that away from him.

Seth Rollins is an outstanding in-ring talent. You don’t have to take my word for it but when someone like Sting says he’s the best he has ever worked with and he’s never seen somebody as talented, you need to pay attention. Those are very strong words coming from “The Icon,” someone that has forgot more about pro wrestling than I will ever know. Therefore I am willing to say that I do not believe Seth Rollins will gain such a reputation, despite the bad injury to John Cena (nasal fracture) and the worse injury to Sting (neck).

Earlier this week, I was given a comprehensive update on what Vince McMahon and Triple H think of Seth Rollins and whether or not his push would continue untouched. That article is still available at this link. I also have details on WWE’s reaction to Sting’s injuries and where the blame is being placed. That piece is available at this link.

How much of a risk do you think The Undertaker is taking competing in a Hell in a Cell match at age 50 against Brock Lesnar?

Sting didn’t fare well when he was given the task of competing in a very physical match filled with risky spots. Like Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30, Sting went out in an ambulance and his wife was told by a doctor at the hospital he was lucky to walk out of there. People are quick to point to Seth Rollins and blame him for Sting’s injuries and forget the fact that Sting is 56 years old.

The Undertaker, at 50, competing in a Hell in a Cell match is extremely risky. Obviously he believes he can do it and the fact WWE has announced the match, they aren’t afraid to let him do it. But I can’t help but question the decision; especially when considering the fact they won’t clear Daniel Bryan. Just think about it for a minute. WWE will not medically clear Daniel Bryan to compete when he’s been cleared by an independent neurologist but will allow men in their 50s to compete in risky over-the-top gimmick matches. Remember it was a concussion — a severe concussion — that caused Undertaker to be in a similar situation that Sting was in [on Sunday] after Wrestlemania 30 a couple of years ago.

Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar in Hell in a Cell sounds entertaining and I’m actually a fan of these “big time” main event matches on B-level shows but after what happened to Sting on Sunday, I’m worried for The Undertaker’s well being. It’s time WWE begins trusting their new crop of talent to take the reigns and stop relying on people that have no business in these type of bouts. I write that with as much respect as possible; The Undertaker is the greatest WWE superstar of all time but I believe WWE is asking him to do too much.

Do you believe WWE should clear Daniel Bryan to compete again or do you feel they are right in being reluctant?

My response from the last question picks right up on this question; WWE will allow for Sting, at 56, to bump through the Spanish announce table, do spots that would be a lot for someone in their physical prime, announce Undertaker for a Hell in a Cell match at age 50 and won’t clear Daniel Bryan. It doesn’t make sense to me. If Daniel Bryan has received the proper medical clearance from a renowned neurologist, which he has and he knows the risks that go along with getting back in the ring, which he does; I don’t see any reason why he should not be able to compete again.

If WWE wants to monitor Daniel Bryan’s usage, that’s fine. But to completely block him from competing when they’re asking Sting and Undertaker to headline pay-per-views in their 50s in extremely physical bouts seems hypocritical. WWE should clear Daniel Bryan.

Is it realistic to believe Ronda Rousey can have success in WWE after her career in UFC?

Making the transition from the octagon to the squared circle isn’t easy but it can be done. Ken Shamrock made it seamlessly and Brock Lesnar has paved the way for someone like Ronda Rousey. I believe Vince McMahon has a blank check ready and waiting for Rousey but I also believe she has no intentions of ending her fighting career yet. Ronda is still in her 20s and is showing no signs of slowing down. I believe she should fight for as long as she wants and know she has WWE there if she ever wants to make the transition. The Divas are in the midst of the major philosophical change in direction we’ve all been waiting for, she would be better off continuing to build her star power while that change is happening. The biggest risk to Rousey’s star power would be if she were to lose but given her last couple fights, that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen; at least not anytime soon.

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