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Is TNA For Sale?, Where Kane Goes From Here, Daniel Bryan vs. HHH, Difference Between WWE & TNA

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TNA Wrestling

I know you've seen the rumors so let me just cut to the chase - is TNA Wrestling for sale?

I've had several people ask me about this and I can tell you that I have not heard that as of this writing. I was told a couple of months ago that Viacom might be interested in purchasing TNA if it became available. Viacom, the parent company of Spike TV, also owns Bellator MMA. Sources close to Viacom indicated to me they would be interested because they were high up on the TNA brand and cross-over partnership. However, interest and actually paying are two separate things. The fact there are rumors the Carter family is looking to unload TNA isn't surprising. Dixie Carter's parents, Bob and Janice Carter, checked out on the project long ago. It's caused a real rift between them as they've pushed Dixie to cut expenses for years. The fact she has actually listened by trimming down the roster and taking Impact off the road, indicates she knows her family is serious about getting the expenditures under control.

Now that Kane has returned, is he joining the Wyatt Family or feuding with them?

Based on the fact that Kane made short work of Luke Harper and Erick Roman at Hell in a Cell indicates to me a program is forthcoming. WWE tried to keep fans guessing by having Kane chokeslam The Miz but I thought Kane's return fell flat. Both Kane and Miz seem to be after Bray Wyatt so perhaps they are both involved in a match at Survivor Series.

John Cena and Randy Orton are once again champions which honestly bores me, but my question is why did Daniel Bryan lose? Did WWE not want two extremely popular faces (Bryan and Cena) holding the two main championships?

I didn't like the ending to Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan. The way this program has been booked it's never looked like Daniel Bryan has had a legitimate chance to win the WWE Championship. He even went over at Night of Champions only to be stripped of the title. At this point it's time to move on. If anything else, at least Bryan is over like rover and is one of the top babyfaces in the company. I would rather see Bryan move on to feud with Triple H, which I heard was being talked about for Survivor Series before what happened Sunday night at Hell in a Cell. As for both Orton and Cena being champions, WWE usually doesn't like two babyfaces or two heels holding the world titles but I'm not sure how much that weighed into the booking of the pay-per-view. There was no way Cena was going under in his return match. You can get my full opinions on WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 at this link.

You've mentioned before that WWE isn't interested in AJ Styles because they'd have to retrain him. What exactly is the difference between the WWE way of wrestling and the TNA way?

Vince McMahon looks at all workers as bush league until they've "made it" in WWE. The fact of the matter is fewer people watch TNA than they do WWE and he doesn't look at the exposure they've gained in TNA as a big deal. Whether or not this is fair isn't for me to decide, it's just the way it is. Vince didn't care that Christian became an established top guy in TNA, he was reserved to the mid card in WWE before finally getting an opportunity to prove what many people already knew. As for workers like Rob Van Dam, WWE treated him like he never left and actually made him a bigger deal through one video package than TNA did the entire time we was there. There is a method to Vince's madness as I'll argue Daniel Bryan is a bigger star today than he's ever been before. It didn't matter that he was a heralded independent worker that everyone knew and loved, he wasn't a big deal until he proved himself on the big stage.

From the Ask WNW vault…

October 2012 - I thought the finish to CM Punk vs. Ryback at Hell in a Cell was lazy, nonsensical and very poorly done. This isn’t an issue about having Punk retain while not making Ryback look weak. This is an issue of the undefeated superstar taking a loss in his first relevant match as a main event performer. Punk came out looking like the cowardly heel but why should anyone be scared of 0-1 Ryback? As I pointed out here in Richard Reacts, it completely lacked logic for the referee to be able to stop Ryback from Shell-shocking Punk. If Ryback is who they say he is, he destroys the referee without cause. The main event could not have come off worse and despite working the best he could, the booking assured no progress for Ryback as a viable main event wrestler.

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