It's Happening With Ryback, Beth Phoenix Jobbed Out, Jeff Hardy Back To WWE?, Reviewing Wrestling Terminology

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Why did WWE have The Miz job to Ryback in under three minutes on Raw?

If you've been keeping up on Richard's Backstage Blog then you read here a couple weeks ago that Vince McMahon was ready to take Ryback to the "next level" despite concern from most workers and officials. As we saw at the conclusion of this week's Raw, it's happening and WWE is ready to start feeding Ryback in the main event. Some are speculating Ryback is the backup plan to work against Punk should John Cena not be able to go but one thing is clear, he's getting ready to get his push at the top. Check out my report from a couple weeks ago for some interesting details that will prepare you for the major push.

Is Beth Phoenix being booked as a jobber because she plans on leaving WWE?

As I discussed in Monday's YouTube report, WWE has made sure Beth Phoenix has "hit her head" several times on the way out the door. Obviously they've known for awhile Beth's contract was coming up and she wasn't intending to re-sign so they wanted to send her out as cold as possible. It seems harsh but it's the way the business works.

With Jeff Hardy's contract with TNA Wrestling reportedly coming up soon, do you see a WWE return in the near future?

Anything is possible, however, TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE has prevented WWE from signing TNA names. When the lawsuit is cleared up there are going to be some "chips to fall" although I don't know if Hardy will be among them. It will depend on WWE's interest at the current time and will likely hinge on their belief on whether or not Jeff has moved on from past problems that have caused him to have two Wellness strikes (that would return with him).

What does being a "mark" mean?

A "mark" is someone that believes a wrestling storyline is real. Generally, marks get legitimately upset at the heels and have a genuine love for the babyfaces. While we're at it let's take a look at some commonly used wrestling terms:

  • Shoot - off-script or legitimate
  • Work - scripted, contrived, preplanned
  • Mark - uninformed wrestling fan that legitimately believes storylines
  • Smark - informed wrestling fan that understands storylines are contrived

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