IWC Help Or Hurt?, Rollins Needs Tweaked, Rose's Struggle, Cena Is WWE's MVP

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Do you believe the Internet Wrestling Community is detrimental to the WWE product by altering who is supported and who isn’t?

I believe the Internet Wrestling Community helps, not hurts the wrestling business. The IWC will always have talent they like and talent they dislike but it’s one of the most passionate segments of WWE’s audience. The IWC watch no matter what and while they may hashtag Twitter they are canceling the WWE Network, they’re not telling the truth.

As long as a talent performs at a high level, they will gain the respect of the IWC. If they fall below those expectations, they’ll hear it. Roman Reigns is a great example. No one knew much about Reigns until he burst on the scene with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. He excelled quickly and had the fans behind him.

When WWE started to force him, failed to protect him and scripted him in terrible promos, the IWC reacted appropriately. Reigns has worked hard and in my opinion, has improved his standing greatly since the Royal Rumble debacle.

It is possible for a talent to never get over with the IWC and still succeed. John Cena is criticized every step of the way but is one of the most successful and accomplished WWE Superstars of our generation.

Vince McMahon refers to the IWC as the “vocal minority” and that’s probably spot on. The IWC is very loud but they’re not the majority of the WWE fanbase. If they were, promotions that cater to them, would surpass WWE in popularity.

Why does Seth Rollins always go over dirty? Doesn’t that cheapen his reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

The reason for WWE always booking Seth Rollins over with help from J&J Security or The Authority is to push him as a heel that always finds a way to win. However, as WWE often does, they’re overdoing it. WWE fails to utilize moderation in many cases and as a result, what once worked and was a major factor in helping Rollins break out as the company’s top heel, makes fans begin to go apathetic.

Apathy is never a good thing in pro wrestling. In fact, I’ll say it’s better for the crowd to turn than to not care.

It’s time for Rollins to get some clean wins under his belt. I understand the need to continue his progression as a heel but WWE is overdoing it, like they do too often. Title prestige is built on successful clean title defenses. I’m glad the title is back on weekly TV but I do believe Rollins needs some clean victories.

After watching E:60 - WWE Behind the Curtain and learning about Adam Rose's struggle, it makes me like him more than any stupid segment with the bunny. Do you think WWE needs to do more behind scenes documentaries so fans can connect with characters in a different way?

The E:60 short film/documentary made fans care more about Adam Rose than his Rosebud gimmick ever did. The thing is, most knew the Rosebud gimmick was never going to work on the main WWE roster. Company officials seemed to sour quickly and the biggest thing I ever saw about it amongst the IWC was guessing who was in the bunny costume (which, by the way, we laughed at the entire time).

Rose had a short cameo on Raw — where he was making out with Rosa Mendes in the hallway — and stated on Twitter the Rosebuds are done and the party is over. He also worked a tag team match taped for WWE Superstars.

But back to your question, I like insightful documentaries like what we saw with the E:60 piece and believe WWE is offering more of that content with the stuff that airs on the WWE Network. I know many readers are already looking forward to Steve Austin’s new interview series. Does WWE need more of this type of content? They do and are offering it.

However, a bad gimmick is a bad gimmick. The Rosebud/party bus thing got over in NXT but I’ve stated time and time again, NXT is very different than the main roster. It’s an intimate atmosphere, a controlled environment and the emphasis is on athletic pro wrestling matches. Because of the specialized fan base and NXT’s development as a “super indy,” gimmicks and characters are not going to transition as seamless as some feel they should.

Do you believe John Cena hurts more than he helps up and coming talent?

I believe John Cena helps up and coming talent more than he hurts them. I understand people are concerned about Kevin Owens working with Cena out of the gate but I believe it helps spotlight Owens. What good did Rusev’s lengthy program with John Cena accomplish? I believe he’s a monster heel right now on WWE TV. What happens next will be critical to determine his future success.

WWE swung and miss in the elevation of Bray Wyatt with Cena last year but the opportunity is still there for Rusev. What will happen with Owens? At the very least it creates buzz.

For those that want Cena to go out and put all these guys over time and time again, that’s just not going to happen right now. Cena is still in the prime of his career and while he’ll do what he can, WWE is going to protect him as long as he’s their top star. It’s important to understand both sides and place some responsibility on the writers. Some people aren’t going to like John Cena no matter what he does but I believe Cena is the most valuable talent on the WWE roster.

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