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Jack Swagger's Push, Short WWE Divas Matches, Andy Leavine, WWE Monitoring Signs

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Do you see Jack Swagger ever getting back to the main event? I'm happy to see they're pushing him again after a run when he was jobbing to people like Santino Marella.

I was told that Jack Swagger was humbled after his reign as World Heavyweight Champion due to problems with his behavior backstage/ego. The fact that WWE put the United States Championship on him last night shows they are committed to building him back up. While the title change was done to sell Zack Ryder's "injuries," Swagger clearly benefits. Swagger has a lot of potential and I could easily see him working in the main event again.

Why are Divas matches so short?

WWE Divas matches are limited due to time constraints. The WWE creative team has to work closely with production to get everything in. As you can imagine, Monday's are very stressful due to going live on the USA Network and having to make sure to stay "on time." Divas are not pushed based on athletic talent and in-ring performance so their matches are usually cut short as a result.

When will we see WWE Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine on WWE television?

Andy Leavine is still working in Florida Championship Wrestling and according to Jim Ross back in December; he still has a lot of work to do. As a result, JR doesn't feel Leavine's TV debut is imminent. Leavine got heat from his first appearance on WWE television in June in a segment with Steve Austin and Vince McMahon when he no-sold Austin's stunner.

Does WWE monitor signs that are brought into arenas?

Yes, all signs are monitored by WWE production staff and cameramen and these are in addition to the monitoring of the venue's event staff. Event staff is supposed to check signs when fans enter the venue but then it's up to WWE's staff to work with event staff to notice signs they deem "inappropriate" and make sure they are confiscated and don’t make television.

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