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Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte

Can you compare and contrast the WWE careers of James Ellsworth with Colin Delaney? They both had "debuts" as jobbers and became mainstays on TV.

James Ellsworth is not yet a mainstay but as I noted in today’s installment of Richard’s Exclusive Update, there is a fan push to get him a WWE contract based on great merchandise sales. As for Colin Delaney, he was a guy that came in looking like an “average Joe” and developed a cult following similar to what Ellsworth has done. He said all the right things, did all the right things and went from a call-in talent to a contracted Superstar. Delaney didn’t last long and looks completely different today but it was a good run. I could see a similar situation with Ellsworth. He’s a talented guy that seems to be well-liked and is doing all the right things to get over. He’s not a rookie, he’s actually a 14-year veteran, but he’s the type of underdog that we all love to get behind. However, I believe the fact that James Ellsworth is one of the most buzz worthy names right now in WWE highlights a much bigger problem. WWE has one of the deepest and most talented rosters they’ve ever had, yet I cannot remember a time when they had so little star power. Guys like Bray Wyatt, Sami Zayn and Neville all have untapped potential but yet, rather than establishing a plan to get some of these guys where they need to be, Vince has to call in Goldberg as a move out of desperation to re-do one of the most disappointing matches of all time from over a decade ago. Short-sided booking has ruined WWE and viewership levels are at all-time lows. The good news is WWE has shown commitment to the likes of Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, revamped the women’s division and have begun to create new stars but it will continue to be an uphill battle - especially for every time they pull the part-timer card, rather than focus the resources on one of their talented prospects.

Should Sasha Banks and Charlotte be the true main event of WWE Hell in a Cell?

I believe Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte in WWE’s first ever female Hell in a Cell match should main event this weekend’s pay-per-view with the match for the WWE Universal Championship being the co-main event. It’s historic, Charlotte and Sasha Banks can more than handle the spotlight and it would give WWE a key promotional point they quite frankly should have already been using. One thing WWE needs to do with the increase in pay-per-views is really highlight a particular match. I like how UFC and Bellator MMA promote the main events of their cards in the show’s tagline. Given the increased amount of pay-per-views and the fact they’re already building the Survivor Series main event, fans need to be given a reason to tune in to Hell in a Cell.

How long before CM Punk comes crawling back to WWE now that Dana White said he's done?

Dana White indicated CM Punk’s next fight probably isn’t with the UFC. He wanted the opportunity to fight, White gave it to him, Punk trained for two years and the fight didn’t turn out how Punk had hoped. But he’s still indicated he wants to fight and is continuing to train. If Punk cannot get another fight in UFC, he should try and get out of his contract and see if he can get one with Bellator MMA. Punk still has plenty of name value and if he can get an opponent that he matches up with better, the results could be more favorable. Punk looked awful at UFC 203 against Mickey Gall but that was a pretty difficult matchup, considering Gall’s age, build and training. Maybe someone older that doesn’t have the superior jiu-jitsu skills would be a better match-up. While I’m not trying to disrespect anything Bobby Lashley has accomplished, Bellator has done a good job of protecting him. He’s won eight straight fights and has established himself as one of their top names. Now if he would get a big fight and lose, no harm and no foul. The UFC could have tried to do the same for Punk but Mickey Gall was who White decided on.

The next questions were part of an interaction that first ran here on WNWHD.com:

Have you heard anything on this "FloSlam" site that is apparently going to be streaming the likes of WWE, ROH, and other promotions? I read the cost is around $20 a month. Rumors were flying on Twitter Sunday night/Monday morning, so I was curious if you have any more details.

WWE recently invested in FloSlam and what's interesting is that FloSlam was interested in purchasing TNA Wrestling. Now, that was before the entire lawsuit mess with Billy Corgan so who knows what's going on from here. I personally believe the only way you're going to be able to watch WWE pay-per-views is on the WWE Network because it's their main driver for new subscriptions. As for Raw and Smackdown, they're exclusive to their TV properties per the agreements already in place. As for FloSlam featuring WWE content, that's a possibility but I would expect it to be more like a partnership similar to what WWE already has with Hulu. As for FloSlam, they have announced a five-year agreement with WWNLive to stream all their events.

Interesting. Talk of the WWE Network streaming other independent promotions' events has also been stirring recently. Do you think this is a real possibility?

Yes, NJPW was actually close to landing on WWE Network last year before negotiations leaked, WWE found out and raided their talent roster. NJPW ended up releasing their own streaming service. But I do think the day is coming where we will see promotions other than WWE on the WWE Network. The UFC already does this with UFC Fight Pass, airing cards from smaller MMA companies on the live service.

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