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James Storm Back To WWE?, Wellness Violations Galore, WWE Hypocrisy, Nikki Bella At SummerSlam

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Paige & Eva Marie

With James Storm leaving TNA, is the door open for him to head back to NXT for a possible Beer Money reunion?

I’m not exactly sure what is going on with James Storm. He was on vacation before returning to TNA at last night’s Impact Wrestling taping where he cut a promo where he stated he has fulfilled his obligations to the company and due to some contract stuff that happened behind the scenes, he’s finished. He also tweeted this:

">@IMPACTWRESTLING . It seems I can't talk about things yet due to some legal BS.

— James Storm (@JamesStormBrand)

Due to some things that happened this Thursday on @IMPACTWRESTLING . It seems I can't talk about things yet due to some legal BS.

— James Storm (@JamesStormBrand) August 16, 2016

">August 16, 2016

If Storm is finished with TNA, it will be interesting to see if WWE would give him another shot in NXT. Remember he was working there without a contract and ended up burning WWE by going to TNA for the guaranteed money. I don’t blame him but I do wonder if it burned the bridge. But there is a lot still to be answered before I could start on a potential Beer Money, Inc. reunion.

What is happening with all these WWE Wellness Policy violation?

Three WWE Wellness Policy violations in one week before a major pay-per-view is certainly an odd situation. We can conclude that testing was conducted recently and the company got the results. I am always perplexed by the WWE Wellness Policy based on who is suspended and when it is announced. It’s hard to say much more until full details are available. We have more on Paige and Del Rio at this link and more on Eva Marie at this link.

How much more resentment will there be for Brock Lesnar now that there have been three announced failures and he’s still heading SummerSlam on Sunday? Will it affect his match outcome on Sunday?

I would guess there is a good amount of resentment towards not only Brock Lesnar but towards WWE in general for their flawed Wellness Policy. How are they going to allow for Lesnar, who failed two drug tests for a substance they banned, to compete in the main event of a major pay-per-view and just a few days before, suspend full-time talent for violations. It’s a huge double standard and as I just stated, I am always perplex by the WWE Wellness Policy. As for the outcome to Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar, we have exclusive backstage details here in our Members content.

Now that Nikki Bella is cleared to compete, do you see her as Eva Marie's replacement on Sunday?

It is possible that Nikki Bella replaces Eva Marie in the six-women tag team match at SummerSlam. WWE is questioning whether Natalya and Alexa Bliss will compete alone or if they’ll recruit another partner. A Nikki Bella surprise return would make for a SummerSlam moment.

Do you plan on doing any more membership specials for Wrestling News World Premium?

We are currently running two big WNW Premium specials. We ran them yesterday and extended to today. They’ll probably be the last specials until Black Friday so if you’re interested in saving big, check them out at this link. I always love giving people a chance to save money and to enjoy the exclusive content we produce here at

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