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JBL Showing Miz Love, Did Fans Overreact To Cena/Wyatt?, Booking Talent, WWE Network Exit Strategy

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How did JBL go from one of the "ring leaders" that hazed The Miz during his early day with WWE to being his biggest supporter?

JBL is a heel commentator and The Miz is a heel performer, which is the reason for the accentuated admiration on this week's episode of Raw. JBL was asked a few years ago if he hazed The Miz, in which he answered "hell yes" and he wasn't sorry for it. Things have changed since the days JBL was a locker room veteran and it sure seems like he's changed as a person. Once known for being the hardest on up and coming talent, JBL seems to be a lot of fun since returning on commentary. Do you watch the JBL & Cole Show every Friday? If not, I highly recommend it. I personally believe JBL saw The Miz's potential and wanted to "toughen him up" for the business. Whether or not you agree with that sentiment, it was the "old school" way of doing things.

Did fans overreact with how WWE mishandled John Cena burying Bray Wyatt on last week's Raw?

No, I think fans were more than justified in the condemnation of the careless knee-jerk booking of John Cena over Bray Wyatt on last week's Raw. Moving forward, WWE will quietly sweep it under the rug but it was a clear mistake for Cena to make short work of Wyatt. I understood Cena going over Bray Wyatt in their match at Wrestlemania XXX, as Cena is still in the prime of his career but there was no excuse for what they did on last week's Raw. I personally feel it was Vince McMahon's paranoia and possible regret for the way Brock Lesnar was booked at SummerSlam.

Do workers not booked for TV tapings or live events still have to be at the arena or do they go home?

WWE does not bring workers to shows if they are not booked. If a talent is not needed, they are sent home. A good example of this recently would be that of Zack Ryder. Ryder worked the live event loop of California a couple of weeks ago but was sent home for TVs. He wasn't happy about it.

What is WWE's exit strategy if the WWE Network doesn't work out?

I'm not aware of a contingency plan if the WWE Network doesn't pan out but I don't think we're at that point or anywhere close to it. The WWE Network hasn't sold as well as initially hoped -- with the company seemingly backing off their target of 1 million domestic subscribers by the end of 2014 -- however, they are still moving forward with the Network as the centerpiece of their business. It's extremely complex to explain how WWE is transitioning from a model reliant on pay-per-view to a model reliant on Network revenue but in the long-term, I believe it's the right decision. Pay-per-view is outdated and once WWE is able to effectively monetize their network, they are going to have a lot more control and flexibility over their product. It was almost a perfect storm with the company failing to double their domestic TV rights and the Network underwhelming out of the gate, however, the company is already hard at work at "picking up the pieces" and moving forward.

From the Ask WNW vault…

November 2012: What do you think of Triple H’s backstage work so far and do you have high hopes for WWE when he eventually takes over? - There are times when I believe Triple H is more in touch with the product than Vince McMahon but there are also times when I feel he’s out of touch. For example, Hunter’s commitment to developmental is definitely the right thing to do and I like the direction things are going as NXT Wrestling. However, when I hear Hunter is pushing Sheamus as the next face of the company, I just don’t see it. While I’m a fan of Sheamus and think he works hard every night out, I don’t see him as the face of the company. As a whole, WWE is poised for growth and success because of the way it’s been built.

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