JBL's In-Ring Career, Christian Returning On Smackdown, Part-Time Talent & Wrestlemania, Roman Reigns Separating From The Shield

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I would love to see JBL return as a wrestler, but do you see it happening anytime soon?

Before JBL returned to WWE on a full-time basis in November 2012 as a commentator, he had actually pitched some ideas to have one final run as a wrestler. He ended up getting the commentary gig and it's the best of both worlds. JBL is able to be around the business and collect a paycheck without taking bumps. He retired from the ring due to back problems and any run for him to return to the ring would have been a part-time run where he would have risked further damage. JBL is in great shape and could probably work another match, although I'm not sure the risk outweighs the reward. I know people like to criticize his work on commentary but I'm a big fan. Without him, Raw would lack in humor and money quotes.

With Christian coming back this week, why not make him a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble?

WWE nixed Bad News Barrett and Xavier Woods to put Kevin Nash and El Torito in the 30-man Rumble match. They wanted to bring Dolph Ziggler back because he was cleared and Sheamus also had the green light. The decision had to do with position scarcity and also how they wanted to bring Christian back. The decision was made to advertise his return for Smackdown, giving viewers a reason to tune in to this week's broadcast. As we reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, one concern Vince McMahon has with the roster getting top-heavy is there are too many guys for the number of available spots. Putting Christian on Smackdown gives the company an opportunity to showcase him without getting lost in the shuffle. Last week, Vince was telling members of the creative team to brainstorm about how they could feature more guys without a logjam.

Last year The Rock came in after being gone for a year, took the title off CM Punk after his long reign, headlined Wrestlemania and walked away. It appears Batista is about to do the same and Brock Lesnar has been doing that too. How do all the hard working full time wrestlers feel about these things backstage?

Batista's WWE contract is a two-year deal and is believed to be more of a full-time Performer's Contract rather than a part-time agreement like what you mentioned. I can tell you there continues to be dissension from full-time workers about part-time talent coming in for the big Wrestlemania payday. This is always going to be the case when large payouts are given to guys not in it for the long haul; however, my position is a little bit different. As a fan I want to be entertained. I hate to say it but The Rock and/or Brock Lesnar are guys I would rather see in main event matches over guys that haven't proven they can get over at the same level. If a full-time worker doesn't want to lose their spot to a part-time worker then they have to prove they're capable of moving the needle. I understand that's easier said than done in a business that's not objective but as a fan; I want Wrestlemania as loaded as possible.

When The Shield first debuted Roman Reigns seemed to wear the label of being the most green and the biggest project. Now he seems to be the frontrunner for a major push. What changed his career outlook?

Not only was Roman Reigns labeled the greenest of The Shield faction, he was the greenest of The Shield faction. Consider the fact that Seth Rollins (Ring of Honor) and Dean Ambrose (CZW/Dragon Gate USA) had already proven they could be very successful, albeit on a much smaller scale, Reigns was simply a WWE developmental talent. Reigns was impressive enough to get called up but he wasn't exactly tearing the house down either. The feeling is that Reigns' work on the main roster has been the best work of his career, where he literally saved his best work for the biggest opportunity. I believe what sets Reigns apart from many of the up and coming workers is his look. He just looks like he belongs. Not just his frame but the entire package. Some guys just have "it" and watching in him the ring with John Cena on Raw, he just looked like a top spot fits him. I expect a major push to come his way later this year.

From the Ask WNW vault…

September 2012: Is there any particular reason WWE had Daniel Bryan stop with the “Yes, Yes, Yes” chants? After all, it’s the main reason he got over. - No, no, no! WWE tinkered with turning Daniel Bryan babyface but ultimately wanted him to remain heel. The logic behind “no, no, no” is simple. Chant the opposite of what the fans are chanting to get heat on him. Because Bryan plays his character so well, it worked to perfection. I disagree the “yes, yes, yes” chants were the main reason he got over, he got over because of how well he plays his character not any particular chant.

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