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Jealousy Backstage In WWE, John Cena At Daytona, Future Of WWE Studios, Limiting Risks In WWE, Brodus Clay Update

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How deep does jealousy run within the WWE locker room?

There is jealousy amongst workers backstage in WWE and it's more prevalent in this business than others because while the outcomes are predetermined, the pay structure depends on a worker's status in the company. WWE is like any other workplace in that some people are friends and some people aren't. To give you an example of what one might term "jealousy" we can look at The Rock. The Rock returns to WWE for a main event program with John Cena for Wrestlemania. While this sparks interest amongst fans, it starts gossip in the locker room. There are those glad to see Rock back and will try and learn as much from him as possible and there are others that resent him for returning and see him more of a threat. There was a situation recently where a worker sent out an anonymous text message to a website, burying The Rock for his involvement in the upcoming pay-per-view.

Will John Cena still wave the wave the honorary green flag for the Daytona 500 today considering the race start was delayed? Also, what's the future of WWE Studios given the earnings miss WWE reported last week?

It has been confirmed this morning that John Cena will still kickoff the Daytona 500 today and he will fly directly to Portland for tonight’s Raw Supershow when he is finished. As for the future of WWE Studios, Vince McMahon plans to go forward with the division under new leadership with the new direction. He seemed confident the new strategy would work but reminded investors if it doesn't, they would pull the plug on WWE Studios. Update regarding Cena/Daytona - Cena will be unable to wave the honorary green flag due to the race now starting at 7 PM EST. Click here for the updated story.

Why does WWE allow suicide dives and other aerial moves on the ring announcer side? I feel it's too dangerous and Wade Barrett's injury could have been avoided if it were on the ramp side. Your thoughts?

Vince McMahon will usually not allow his workers to take unnecessary risks and I have to think they'll speak to workers about what happened in last Monday's battle royal that injured Wade Barrett and could have also injured R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler. While the risk of injury can never be completely eliminated, the percentage can be lowered. What you suggested is feasible and probably something company officials are aware of given the injury last week.

Why has Brodus Clay been bumped from television? Has the 'Funkasauras' gimmick ended already?

I ran an exclusive article on WNW Premium last week about why Brodus Clay was scrapped from WWE television at this link. If you are not a Premium Member, I highly recommend you get a day pass today and checkout the article, as it's important to understand the handling of Clay. As for his future in the company, he was on this weekend's Raw live events and told a WNW reader last week he would be back to television in two weeks.

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