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Jeff Hardy's Contract Status, Prediction For Shield vs. Wyatts, Ads On WWE Network, Breaking Down Favorites To Win Elimination Chamber

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Do you think Willow the Whisp will have success in TNA?

My opinion on Jeff Hardy bringing Willow the Whisp to TNA Wrestling hasn't changed since last week. I think the gimmick creates a renewed interest in Hardy and the fact it's been well-received online makes me optimistic. Jeff is already a top guy in TNA so he's going to be a top guy no matter what but this should help add to the intrigue of his talent. I am able to confirm that Hardy is under TNA contract through February 2015.

What's your prediction for The Shield vs The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber on Sunday?

Based on the fact WWE is teasing dissension in The Shield, I have to think The Wyatt Family is the favorite going into the pay-per-view on Sunday. I see the dissension with Roman Reigns costing The Shield the match but everything hinges on where they want to go for Wrestlemania. Given the fact Bray Wyatt is penciled in to work John Cena, he must be protected. With that being understood, WWE will have to make a decision whether to break Roman Reigns away from The Shield at Elimination Chamber or extend the inevitable breakup to Wrestlemania. I would be surprised if The Shield go over based on those factors.

Does anyone know if there will be commercials on the WWE Network? Either before, after, or during any show. If there are, that's the game changer for me.

WWE gave the following answer to that question in their Network Q&A - "Most WWE programming on WWE Network is commercial-free. However, there will be limited promotional content and advertising within and between select programs." Limited commercials do not bother me in the slightest given the price tag of the WWE Network. There are commercials on the pay-per-views that carry a much heftier price now, so what's limited commercials for $9.99/month?

Do you see any chance in Christian winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Elimination Chamber?

Based on what I know about the direction of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for Wrestlemania XXX, I think there is little to no chance of Christian going over in the Elimination Chamber. However, I'll caution that a swerve, no matter how unlikely, is always possible. Just when you say something is impossible, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels hugging in a WWE ring goes through my mind. My favorites to go over in the Chamber match on Sunday are as follows in this order - Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Cesaro, John Cena, Christian and Sheamus.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2013: Does this “I am God” angle by CM Punk mean that talks with The Undertaker are improving? It seems this angle would lead to a program with Taker. Best in the World vs. Best of the Underworld. - The plan for CM Punk’s “I am god” storyline is to lead to a Wrestlemania 29 program with Undertaker. You picked up on the hints this Monday, as they were planted to do just that. I expect Undertaker back on television on next Monday’s “Old School” Raw to kickoff the month long build. Some are saying Undertaker is confirmed but I don’t feel comfortable using that type of language giving the rate things change. We can pencil in Punk vs. Undertaker for Wrestlemania but let’s also remember pencil can be erased. We pulled an interesting clip from September where Punk said challenging for “the streak” doesn’t interest him. Some accused this was out of context and pointed to the fact that things change and while they do, this wasn’t out of context. Punk was asked what was next for his career and whether or not challenging “the streak” was something he would like to add to his resume. He wasn’t asked specifically about Wrestlemania 29 this year. Click here for more.

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