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Jillian Hall vs. Heath Slater, Hornswoggle A Heel?, Surpise Appearances On 1000th Raw, Divas & Wellness Testing

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How about bringing Jillian Hall back to beat Heath Slater?

With Jillian Hall saying she's annoyed by Heath Slater's "ripoff," the stage is set. The "battle of the horrible gimmicks," perhaps at SummerSlam? This is a funny question but I wasn't a fan of Jillian's "singer" gimmick and am not a fan of Slater's gimmick. The good news for Heath is he is he is getting on television, the bad news is he's being booked in a gimmick that could be damaging to his future in the business.

Now that Hornswoggle has been revealed to be the Anonymous Raw General Manager does that technically make him a heel or will they just ignore it?

I do not see a follow-up to Hornswoggle being revealed as the Anonymous Raw General Manager as the company lightly brushed over it for a brief comedy segment on this week's Raw Supershow. If you're expecting a big push for Hornswoggle on WWE television, I'm afraid you're going to be disappointed. WWE officials like him for his appeal to their younger audience with comedy relief but nothing more.

Are there any surprise appearances scheduled for the 1000th episode of Raw on July 23, 2012?

We've received tons of questions from readers asking about everyone from The Undertaker to Goldberg but as of this writing I am unable to confirm anyone that has not already been officially announced and advertised for the 1000th episode of Raw. Do I expect a surprise or two? It's possible but the show is loaded with The Rock, D-Generation X, Brock Lesnar, Bret Hart and Mick Foley all confirmed to appear.

Why is it that we never hear about the Divas failing a Wellness Test? Are they tested, and if so, do they go through as much as the male WWE Superstars go through, when being tested?

All talent under performer's contracts, including referees, are subject to WWE Wellness Testing. Since the company began announcing violations on November 1, 2007, a Diva has never posted a violation. The females are monitored during testing as the males, however, given the way Rey Mysterio's latest failure was handled, I have serious questions regarding the validity of the policy. You can stay updated with all suspensions here on our WWE Suspensions page.

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