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John Cena/AJ Affair Storyline, The Miz As A Babyface, Rock Leaking Info, WWE Fronting Money

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Are you as disgusted by the John Cena/AJ Lee affair storyline as I am? It seems like there is no point to the angle other than for Vince McMahon to bully John Cena.

No, I'm not disgusted with the angle and feel it's better than a lot of the stuff they've done with the John Cena character over the years. Is Vince McMahon taking a legitimate shot at Cena? That's what we heard and reported here on Richard's Backstage Blog but it's all for the sake of an entertaining program. Let's just put it in prospective. A good old fashion "affair" angle or a hideous over-the-top corny PG promo leading to yet another successful Cena main event match? I'm taking the former.

I think The Miz's face turn is a major step in him becoming a MAJOR star. Do you think this is good for his character and can elevate him to Rock, Cena, Punk, or Orton status?

I'm a fan of The Miz's work and feel he's worked very hard to climb the ladder while improving his in-ring work and mic at the same time. However, I do not see The Miz on the same level as the names you mentioned. That's not to say I don't see him as a main event talent either because I can buy him as a viable WWE title contender or even champion. But the names you mentioned are guys capable of being the "face of the company" and I just don't see Miz being able to accomplish such a feat. As for a babyface turn, Miz is talented enough to work as either a heel or a babyface and we'll just see how it goes. I can tell you Triple H is not a fan of turning Miz babyface but you can read more about that at this link.

It seems The Rock has a habit of giving away WWE story lines. Just before he was announced as Wrestlemania 27 guest host, he sent a tweet confirming the same. Now he keeps sending tweets to CM Punk and even posted a picture of himself in a CM Punk t-shirt. How does WWE feel about this?

Just for the record, we actually spoiled The Rock's involvement at Wrestlemania 27 days before it was officially announced so Vince can hate us for that one. As for him leaking information related to storylines, Rock hasn't done anything that's going to hurt his standing in the company. In fact, the company probably appreciates it when Rock promotes their material to his 3.6 million Twitter followers. It's not exactly been a secret WWE intends on doing Punk vs. Rock at Royal Rumble but that's always subject to change.

In the past you have said how WWE will pay for their talent's medical procedures and then expect to be paid back. My question is does WWE pay for former talent's procedures (i.e. Edge's recent neck surgery)?

Edge's surgery was performed by WWE's medical director Dr. Joseph Maroon so they certainly had involvement in the procedure. I don't know who footed the bill but many people in Edge's position can afford health insurance and the insurance company will pay at least part of the cost. Situations where WWE loans money for surgeries are usually for people that do not have insurance and need a lot of cash to pay for very expensive care. As noted, WWE expects repayment in these situations. I will put WWE over for helping former talent, especially when it comes to paying for rehab with no strings attached but I'm still upset over the fact workers are not given the option of healthcare.

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