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John Cena Heel Turn, Favorite Hall Of Fame Speech, WWE Releases, Royalty Checks

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Do you think a heel John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan rivalry backed by a strong storyline would be very good for business as it will draw maximum heat for Cena?

Given the reactions to John Cena during his program with Bray Wyatt, the rumblings of turning Cena are coming back out. It's to the point where I'll believe it when I see it and I honestly do not see it. In addition to Cena moving merchandise and having highly rated segments, his charitable efforts provide WWE with a great public image. There are so many risk factors in turning Cena, it's not automatic that such a turn would work. There have been better situations to turn Cena in the past and while Vince gave them some consideration, he never actually pulled the trigger. I heard the talk on Monday night was to closely monitor Cena/Wyatt, in order to prevent a double turn.

Who do you think has given the greatest Hall of Fame speech so far?

I don't like to answer "greatest ever" questions because it's very hard to pick just one of anything in the pro wrestling business. My favorite WWE Hall of Fame speech this year was Jake Roberts. He truly spoke from the heart and it was one I'll always remember. Obviously with Warrior dying just days after his speech, his will always be remembered as well. I've been a loud critic of Mr. T's speech from this year because I felt he abused the honor by going too long in a bizarre rant/eulogy about his mother. Again, Mr. T fully deserved the honor in the celebrity wing but he was still a guest. A guest should never take the focus off the people that gave all they had for the business.

Are there any updates on the usual post Wrestlemania cuts we usually see this time of year?

WWE has shied away from going public with large number of releases. In fact, for much of last year, Triple H issued a "no fire edict," where they didn't cut anyone. This is basically still in tact as WWE lets contracts expire rather than terminating them early. The company has acknowledged the recent contract expirations of the original Sin Cara (Luis Ignascio) and Ezekiel Jackson. There are a number of workers that currently are not being used that are in jeopardy of not having their deals renewed. You can easily come up with these names but looking at some of the names that haven't been used in several months.

When music is featured in promos/videos on WWE TV, do the musicians get royalties?

Yes, WWE pays royalties to bands/artists for the music they use. This is also why music is edited off DVD releases, to prevent the company from cutting continuous royalty checks for DVD sales. WWE is legally obligated to compensate any artist whose music they use after they have received permission to use it.

From the Ask WNW vault…

April 2012: Do you think that there will ever be another company to compete with WWE? If so, which company, and why? - WWE has been operating for over ten years with basically no competition and they have put a stronghold on the market. Not only have they expanded into a global giant but Vince McMahon owns just about every tape library that anyone could ever care about. However, it isn’t impossible and could be done. In order to compete with WWE a company would need a national TV deal and plenty of money to spend on talent, production and of course marketing. Many people have hoped TNA would be that company with their national TV deal and significant financial backing but they haven’t even scratched the surface. They have had their opportunities but have not been able to create enough momentum to even sell out their major pay-per-views. I could spend the rest of this installment elaborating on why but there really isn’t enough time or space.

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