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John Cena Will Always Get Heat From Fans, Acknowledging CM Punk, Usos Elevated, NXT What TNA Once Was

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I feel that when John Cena doesn't do the SuperCena routine when he turns to the five moveset, he has incredible matches like his match at Payback against Bray Wyatt and his match against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam. Wouldn't it be best for him to get the fans back on his side by using new moves as opposed to doing the same ones over and over?

John Cena is more than capable of working good matches and has proved the "you can't wrestle" hate is completely unfounded. Cena has had far too many "Match of the Year" candidates to even begin to question his ability. The problem is Cena is always going to get heat from a segment of WWE's audience as long as he's the company's top babyface that overcomes the odds. While there are readers like you that are very high up on Cena vs. Bray Wyatt at Payback, there are those very upset that Cena went over. As I stated in Richard Reacts to Payback, I understand why Cena went over Bray Wyatt and still believe Wyatt was helped by the program. WWE has to protect Cena because he's still the top guy and they're going to rely on him heavily (especially with Daniel Bryan out) to carry them this summer. However, I'll admit I'm not thrilled with Wyatt losing, I understand it. So to answer your question, there is nothing Cena can do to his move set that is going to change someone's mind about him. He will have fans and he will have detractors but until further notice, he's WWE's top talent.

What was your reaction of WWE mentioning CM Punk throughout the night during Paul Heyman's opening segment, as well as Stephanie McMahon acknowledging that he quit? I felt it was the only thing they really could do to somewhat keep the CM Punk chants a bit calmer.

I'll start by saying if you go to a WWE event and chant "CM Punk," you're ridiculous. You bought your ticket knowing Punk's situation and what's the point of chanting for someone that left on their own terms? Punk wasn't fired, he quit. WWE wants him back but he's ready to move on. It's time for Punk's fans to do the same. I talked about WWE mentioning Punk in the Paul Heyman segment and in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship segment in Richard Reacts, stating it was the right move. In the past, WWE has tried to ignore things they don't want getting on TV and it does nothing but insult the intelligence of the viewer. Embracing the chants helped keep them under control and delivered two of the best one-liners of the night. I do want to reiterate that if you buy a ticket to a WWE show only to be disruptive by chanting "CM Punk," you're wasting your time and should probably find a new hobby.

The series between John Cena and Bray Wyatt was obviously to help elevate Wyatt's career. With the continual addition of The Usos to the series is this to help elevate them and thus the tag team titles?

I believe The Usos were continuously used in John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt to help get them on the map and also help prevent a double turn. With Cena's 50/50 crowd reactions and audiences buying into The Wyatt Family, WWE didn't want to turn either. The Usos helped that, especially Sunday night at Payback. Their energy and babyface move set kept the babyface audience behind Cena and prevented a Bray Wyatt turn. As I mentioned in Richard Reacts to Payback, the fact The Usos were used in this program goes to show their rising stock. I'm not sure either has the ceiling of Bray Wyatt but they look to be a big part of WWE moving forward.

Considering the fact that 'smaller' workers are featured heavily on NXT, and wrestling ability seems to take priority over simply 'looking the part' on the show, do you see WWE adopting this attitude towards the main roster going forward?

This is one of the biggest reasons NXT has developed into its own brand. The smaller/more intimate venue at Full Sail University, the focal point being in-ring work and cruiserweight talent getting to use a more high-risk pace than they would on the main roster. This is also what has internally muted conversations for a potential cruiserweight-only show on WWE Network and has some wondering if there will be certain guys that are signed solely to work on NXT, without ever being called up to the main roster. For WWE to replicate what they do at NXT on the main roster, they would have to completely change the way they push talent. I don't see that happening as much as I see the NXT brand succeeding as a viable alternative. NXT is what TNA was at one point. A product that thrived on great wrestling with a higher production value. When TNA decided to do away with that (brushing aside the X Division and their Knockouts), their audience stopped growing. There is a marketplace for what NXT brings and while I do not see WWE becoming more like NXT, I hope the company keeps the brand strong.

From the Ask WNW vault…

July 2012: CM Punk calls Kofi Kingston his “road wife.” What is the meaning of this term? - CM Punk and Kofi Kingston are friends that travel together. Given the fact WWE workers are on the road 300 days out of the year, most travel with friends for company and to share expenses. Someone like Punk probably doesn’t have to worry about money (he has his own tour bus) but I’m sure he enjoys hanging with Kofi.

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