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John Cena Will Surpass Ric Flair, One Way To Save Wrestlemania Title Match, CM Punk Finished, WM30 On Demand

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John Cena is only 36 and a 14-time world champion, he doesn't look like he will be retiring anytime soon. Do you see him breaking Ric Flair's 16-time world title record?

While John Cena will celebrate his 37th birthday next month (the 23rd), he's still very much in his prime and appears to be on his way to surpassing Ric Flair's mark as a 16-time world champion. I would actually be surprised if Cena didn't surpass 16-world title reigns. One thing I spent some time on in the latest Premium Mailbag is talking about where Cena goes from here. He's already accomplished everything, he's a guaranteed Hall of Famer and the biggest WWE star since The Rock and Steve Austin. As with other greats, Cena will further his legacy from everything he accomplishes from now until he retires. It's what icons do and now it will be how many benchmarks can Cena set as one of the most valuable performers to ever work for WWE.

The build to Batista vs. Randy Orton at Wrestlemania XXX began with everyone afraid of two heels facing one another. What if it becomes three with Triple H?

Many readers are skeptical about Daniel Bryan going over Triple H at Wrestlemania 30 and getting a shot at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. I've been a broken record for months now. The only way WWE can save the World Heavyweight Championship match at Wrestlemania is by inserting Daniel Bryan. Without that, the match will be a disaster. It doesn't matter if it's 5 stars in quality, the crowd would turn so hard it would be impossible to accomplish anything. I'm hopeful WWE does the right thing but anything is possible. Daniel Bryan has earned his payoff and WWE has a rare opportunity to give it to him on Sunday.

Do you see CM Punk being in play as a possible acquisition for Jeff Jarrett's new promotion?

CM Punk is under WWE contract until July and I honestly believe if he doesn't return to WWE, his days as a professional wrestler are over. We don't know much about the circumstances surrounding Punk's departure, as it's more speculation, but most can conclude he's suffering from a wicked case of burnout. If Punk isn't happy working in main event matches in WWE, I can't see him happy working anywhere else. I know the politics are a pain and it's not fair seeing part-time talent take the Wrestlemania spotlight but I just don't see Punk being excited about starting over at this point in his career. However, friends of Punk have said it's not about the money to him and he's more than financially secure, so who knows.

How soon will Wrestlemania 30 be available on the WWE Network after its live airing?

Because Wrestlemania 30 is a WWE Network original it will be available for playback immediately upon its conclusion. The reason it's taken so much time for Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber to become available is they were not WWE Network originals and the policy is content that doesn't originate there is available 30 days after its initial airing.

From the Ask WNW vault…

December 2012: Is it just me or has the return of Brock Lesnar been somewhat of a bust? He came back with so much hype, had a couple OK matches and now he has been gone for so long in between dates that I totally forgot about him until the Slammys? I know WWE wants to get the most out of his few dates but I feel they did a better job with The Rock then with Brock. - Let’s look at the numbers. Brock Lesnar has headlined two WWE pay-per-views this year – Extreme Rules (vs. John Cena) and SummerSlam (vs. Triple H). Extreme Rules did 263,000 buys (up from 209,000 the year prior and 182,000 in 2010) and SummerSlam did 350,000 buys (up from 296,000 the year prior and even with the 350,000 in 2010). WWE views these numbers as a major success and would like to retain the services of Brock Lesnar after they use him at Wrestlemania 29 next year. There was talk of Lesnar working Survivor Series or another pay-per-view in 2012 but the company ultimately decided to keep him on the shelf to preserve the dates on his contract.

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