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John Cena's Career & Program With Wyatt, Cody Rhodes A Career Midcarder?, NXT Its Own Brand, Mick Foley's Criticism Of WWE

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Do you feel the feud between Bray Wyatt and John Cena is the best thing that has happened to Cena's stale career? I feel like being in the mid-card, against the biggest anti-heroes in the company has really made him more relevant and is showing more of his potential than when he would just defeat everyone against all odds?

The first line from this question struck me as somewhat bizarre - "Cena's stale career." Did you watch Wrestlemania 28 and Wrestlemania 29? Cena headlined both in one of the biggest bouts WWE has done in the last decade (if not ever in the case of Wrestlemania 28). He's the number one merchandise seller and easily the most recognizable name on the WWE roster. Yes, Cena's character has grown stale with older fans that expect more progression but his career has been anything but. Back to your original question, Cena's upper mid-card program with Bray Wyatt has been good for everyone involved, however, I'll concede it's gone on one pay-per-view too long. My argument on Monday regarding Bray Wyatt is that if you don't find his work entertaining, what - if anything - on WWE TV is entertaining? And if you couldn't name at least one current program or gimmick, why are you watching? Cena vs. Bray has been great and it will be interesting to see how WWE books the "rubber match" at Payback. As stated, this has gone on a little long and that has negatively affected fan interest.

Looking back over the career of Cody Rhodes, WWE has utilized him mainly in the tag team division. Rhodes is a very talented worker but aside from a couple reigns as Intercontinental Champion, why hasn't he been given a serious singles push for gold?

Cody Rhodes is a talented worker and is still young (he'll be 29-years-old next month). When WWE put him in Legacy in 2008 with Randy Orton and Ted DiBiase, the hope was one of them would be able to separate. Cody hasn't reached the level where many see his ceiling, however, he's still had a lot of success under the age of 30. A lot of major pushes come down to how the fans respond and the right opportunity. However, I warn everyone that will listen, not everyone can work in the top of the card. Is Cody more of a career midcarder or is he a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion? That question is still premature given his age and potential.

Are the chances of seeing a cruiserweight show on the WWE Network getting better now, especially with all the talent they have that could be showcased on there? They could even tape at Full Sail.

As we reported here on on March 14, 2014, there was a recent shift in philosophy regarding WWE NXT and how it related to a prospective cruiserweight show on WWE Network. While NXT’s primary focus will always be to develop future stars for television, it's not the only focus with the evolution of the WWE Network. NXT is more or less its own brand and this has sparked internal conversations as to whether or not WWE should sign talent with the sole purpose of having them work developmental talent with no intention of calling them up. NXT features a different atmosphere than the average WWE show and it allows for talent to showcase a more athletic style, with matches similar to what you would see on the domestic independent scene. Given the success of NXT and plans for new original WWE Network programming, a prospective cruiserweight show appears to be on hold for the time being.

Regarding Mick Foley's rant about WWE stockholders and how Triple H and Stephanie's on-air roles can damage their view of WWE, why say that now since that antagonizing authority role has been around for years? Doesn't it seem like odd timing?

Let me start by saying that I had the chance to meet Mick Foley a few years ago and he's a great guy. Mick is down to earth and has a wonderful mind for the wrestling business. In fact, I believe Mick has one of the best wrestling minds around and we can all learn from his musings. He's been much more critical of WWE in recent months and I believe this is due to a couple reasons. For one, Mick is a fan of the wrestling business. I believe Mick truly does want what is "best for business" and is more than qualified to speak out when he believes mistakes are being made. He was one of the most vocal critics of Daniel Bryan's booking at Royal Rumble and WWE ended up completely changing directions. Secondly, Mick has his Hall of Fame ring and is free to speak his mind. I know he has denied this but Mick does not have a good relationship with Triple H. Hunter has never viewed Mick as a top guy and has been known to make off-color remarks regarding Foley when given the opportunity. In fact, it's my belief that Triple H was going to do whatever it took to assure that Mick wasn't going to be the headliner for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame class and had Bruno not agreed, I believe he would have led an induction of DeGeneration X just to provide a co-headliner. I even heard there was an incident where Vince McMahon rebuked Hunter for an off-color remark about Foley when it was believed he would be the top name for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame. So I see Foley's criticism as two-part, his love for the business and his knowledge of Triple H's mindset that absolutely has an egotistic component to it.

From the Ask WNW vault…

February 2012: I have read the accounts of Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in regards to the infamous Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997. Both place the blame on one another. Who do you think is telling the truth? - I’ve always heard there are two sides to every story and when you combine both sides, the truth is somewhere in between. The Montreal Screwjob was a bad situation because I can understand how it was no-win on both sides. On one hand if Vince McMahon put Bret Hart over Shawn only for his champion to go to WCW, how does that make WWE look? WCW was really putting the pressure on WWE and it would have been a disaster for their champion to leave for the competition. On the other hand, Vince had told Bret he was going over and Bret felt that his hard work and dedication had earned him the right to leave as champion. Bret was blindsided by the screwjob and he took it very personal. In the end I’m glad Bret and Shawn were able to reconcile their differences and while they’ll probably never be best friends, it was awesome for the business when the beef was squashed a couple years ago.

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