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John Cena's Opponent, Big Show's Retirement, Best Called Up NXT Diva, Erick Rowan's Return

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Great Scott! It's time for Ask WNW! Happy Back to the Future Day!

Who is going to answer John Cena’s Open Challenge at Hell in a Cell?

This is actually a more simplified version of several questions we received. We have had is John Cena’s opponent going to be Daniel Bryan, is John Cena’s opponent going to be Finn Balor, is John Cena’s opponent going to be Big Show, etc etc. Quite honestly the answer is that we don’t know because I don’t think WWE knows yet. The names mentioned above and many more are being talked about to take on John Cena for the United States Champion at Hell in a Cell this Sunday. The reason there is so much swirling around this match is because of the rumored time off John Cena will be taking after Hell in a Cell. The assumption by many is that Cena will be dropping the championship in his match on Sunday. As for who exactly will be facing the face that runs place, what I can say is that WWE needs to choose wisely. If they are, in fact, planning to have Cena drop the title on Sunday, the person who beats him will gain a lot of momentum in their career. Should WWE hand it off to Big Show or someone of that nature it will be a waste of that momentum. If WWE is smart they will use this opportunity to elevate a worker who deserves it. Off the top of my head I can list half a dozen superstars who deserve that momentum and that championship. Finn Balor, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, Samoa Joe, and most deserving right now, Cesaro. If it were me booking it, I would have Cena pass his torch to Cesaro who is sorely, but deservingly, in need of a push like this one would give. Needless to say, WWE has the chance to help build a rising star on Sunday, and it’s crucial they capitalize on their opportunity.

With all of Big Show's heel reactions mostly coming from people wanting him to retire. Do you see him and WWE maybe doing a retirement angle for WrestleMania?

Big Show’s been facing “please retire” chants ever since he faced off against Roman Reigns after WrestleMania. Reigns made a comment in one of his promos that Big Show should do everyone a favor and just retire. Since then the WWE Universe has kept it going and it certainly seems to get under the skin of the Big Show, rightfully so. Then again, he could just be reacting as a heel, but if it were me I’d certainly be rubbed the wrong way. A lot of the heat that Big Show gets isn’t his own fault, it’s frustration of the WWE fans. Big Show represents talent that has been around for a very long time being put over talent that are rising stars. It’s extremely frustrating for fans like myself to watch Big Show go over Cesaro so that he can be fed to Brock Lesnar. As for when Big Show is going to retire, that part is up to him. Big Show can decide to retire whenever he chooses, be it this year, next year or 5 years from now. If Big Show does decide to retire this year I’m sure WWE would be willing to do a retirement angle for him and to help push someone else as the man who retired the giant.

Sasha, Becky and Charlotte. Who has impressed you the most since their debut on the main roster?

This is a tough question, and I have two answers for you. Unfortunately, as much as I personally love her, Becky has fallen to the bottom of this list. That’s not to say she isn’t impressive, but the focus certainly isn’t on her. So that leaves Sasha Banks and Charlotte. Who has impressed me more since their debut on the main roster? Well that’s an interesting question because if we’re judging based solely on their main roster performances, Charlotte gets the win here. Charlotte has been the focus of the Divas division, winning the Divas Championship before any of the other NXT Divas. Not only did she win the championship, she defeated the longest reigning Divas Champion in history. Sasha Banks and Team BAD have taken a backseat to that rivalry. Now, if we are adding in what’s been happening in NXT in the last few months, then Sasha Banks takes the win, hands down. Sasha Banks matches with Bayley have been nothing short of remarkable. The night before SummerSlam Bayley and Sasha Banks put on the best match of the weekend at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, then at NXT Takeover: Respect Bayley and Sasha wrestled the first ever Woman’s Ironman match in the main event. What Sasha and Bayley have been doing is nothing short of trailblazing. So if we’re only looking at main roster focus, Charlotte wins. If we’re looking at overall performance since their call-ups Sasha Banks gets the win.

Why would WWE have Erick Rowan return with no real story or explanation?

I really can’t explain why Erick Rowan’s return was so extremely lackluster. This is just another case of WWE creative being so extremely lazy with their writing and just expecting fans to watch without question. Without sounding like an angry IWC fan, I can’t help but be frustrated with the booking situation in WWE recently. Erick Rowan has been out for a very long time and the Wyatt Family is currently in a hot feud with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. There were several booking scenarios that would have been easy “layups.” Rowan could have returned to fight with Dean Ambrose against his former family. Rowan could have been the Wyatt’s “ace in the hole” in either the tag team match or the Hell in a Cell match. Instead WWE just literally had him walk out as if nothing had changed. It’s booking like this that has fans tuning out. Ratings are dropping every week and instead of trying to take advantage of every opportunity they have, they’re barely going through the motions. If WWE wants to pull out of this ratings backslide, they’re going to have to try a lot harder than they are.

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