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John Laurinaitis Returning To WWE TV, Devon Back To WWE?, Taking PG Too Far, Why Cesaro Is Being Pushed

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I am surprised John Laurinaitis hasn't returned to WWE television. Is he back in his executive position on a full-time basis?

John Laurinaitis' executive role in WWE has been significantly reduced as Triple H is now running Talent Relations, however, he is still working backstage in the company. As for his on-screen character, we haven't seen the last of him. I reported here on Premium that he is expected back "before long."

With Devon gone from TNA Wrestling, do you see him coming back to WWE?

There are a couple of hurdles before we are going to see Devon back in WWE. One, if he is going to return with Bully Ray, things will have to be smoothed over with Triple H as he and Bully butted heads during the last WWE run of The Dudley Boys. Another thing is TNA's ongoing litigation against WWE which is currently blocking WWE from signing TNA names. The reason all these workers are walking from TNA is because they are being asked to take significant pay cuts as the company tries to cut roster expenses.

Once the WWE Network launches do you think they'll offer a PG-13 rated wrestling show?

WWE may have gotten "edgier" recently, however, Vince McMahon has maintained his commitment to producing PG programming. He has admitted they took PG a little too far but I don't see the company walking away from PG anytime soon. Anything is possible but by their own admission, producing PG content gives them more opportunities than the edgier programming.

With all of the wrestlers that have debuted or re-debuted over the past six months, why is Antonio Cesaro one of the first of the group to be given a mid-card title? Specifically, why was this given to Cesaro over Ryback, Brodus Clay and Damien Sandow?

When we broke the news that WWE was talking about putting the WWE United States Championship on Antonio Cesaro in the pre-show match prior to SummerSlam, I highlighted the fact Cesaro is seen as a "now or never" prospect. The company is high up on his size, look and in-ring abilities and they feel they can get him over in a short time. I can't give you details on why him and not the others but this is the thinking surrounding Cesaro.

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