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JR vs. Michael Cole Cut From Raw, Hogan vs. Rock/Cena vs. Rock, Laurinaitis, Working With Real Heat

What was the real reason Jim Ross wasn't at Raw last night?

Jim Ross was backstage at last night's Raw Supershow in Atlanta and there were plans to do the "Michael Cole Challenge." While I do not have 100% confirmation it appears the segment was cut due to time constraints. I am growing sick and tired of the amount of disrespect shown towards JR. Storyline or not, mocking someone over their surgeries is classless and very hypocritical given the company's "Be a Star" anti-bullying campaign.

Do you think that The Rock vs. John Cena has the same "hype" or "feel" as The Rock vs. Hulk Hogan. Do you that the match at Wrestlemania XXVIII will have the same "passing of the torch" moment just like Rock vs. Hogan did?

The Rock vs. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan took place at Wrestlemania X8 on March 17, 2002 in Toronto and was one of the show's main events. Not only do I think John Cena vs. The Rock at Wrestlemania XXVIII has the same big match "feel," it could have more hype than Hogan vs. Rock. The Rock hasn't wrestled since retiring in his prime seven years ago. Fans want to see this match and that has been evident with the amount of hype the show has already received. I am concerned about The Rock working at Survivor Series as I have documented my reasons so we'll see after he works the pay-per-view this month if it's still highly anticipated but right now it's one of the most anticipated bouts in WWE history, if not ever. As for the "passing of the torch," if I'm booking, Cena goes over for this reason but I would turn Cena to re-establish a character that badly needs revamped.

Why does John Laurinaitis announce his full career title when he comes out? I find it annoying and pointless, we all know who he is.

This is done to annoy and is the same reason why Michael Cole used to announce "the Anonymous Raw General Manager." It is little things like this that draw more heel heat and that is clearly what WWE wants to do with Laurinaitis.

Do wrestlers that have real backstage heat wrestle professionally against each other or do then try hurt each other for real?

Workers that have heat might work more stiff with one another but there's an unspoken rule where workers respect the business and work with their opponents. Trying to injure someone could end up backfiring very easily. While someone that doesn't follow the business will talk about how "fake" it is, working a match is a very precise process and "going into business" for one's self is very dangerous to everyone involved in the match. A match is a collective effort and cannot be properly executed by just one worker.

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