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JR's Future In WWE, Does WWE Think We're Stupid?, Undertaker At Vengeance, Raw Opening Segment

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Has there been any updates as to why Jim Ross was relieved of his announce duties on Monday's Raw Supershow? Has his health taken a poor turn? Why does Vince always seem to pick on and embarrass JR on television?

Jim Ross did an interview yesterday and revealed he was not told of the plan to "fire" him beforehand and he believes he is not in WWE's future plans as an announcer. You can read more from the interview link. WWE is ran by the high school jock mentality with Vince McMahon as the "bully." For whatever reason McMahon has always had some type of infatuation with embarrassing Jim Ross and Monday's Raw Supershow was a prime example of the way the company has treated the best play-by-play man of all time.

The whole firing of Triple H, Jim Ross, and hiring John Laurinaitis as the interim GM was a farce. How hard was it to figure out that Mr. Laurinaitis was behind the whole walk-out. Then Vince showing up and making this speech that he was firing his never in charge Son-In-Law. Does he think the WWE Universe is that stupid?

The storyline is a disaster filled with illogical gaps. Does WWE think we are stupid? I believe they do and highlighted my major problems with the angle in an editorial on my Backstage Blog at this link.

Will The Undertaker be returning at Vengeance this year or is it just a rumor?

WWE teased the return of The Undertaker for the upcoming WWE Vengeance pay-per-view this summer. I wouldn't read too much into it, however, it is possible. Any type of return plan is kept very secret and I wouldn't hear about it until closer to the show if at all.

Would you agree that the first 15 minutes of RAW Supershow on Monday night was probably some of the best television WWE has put on in ages? I was hooked from the get go but knew it was all downhill once Vince McMahon's music hit.

The opening of Monday's Raw Supershow was different and entertaining. I would not go as far to call it some of the "best television" but it was well booked. However, the show quickly disintegrated because the aforementioned gaps in logic.

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