Kane A Babyface Or Heel?, No Confidence In Del Rio As Champion, The Rock On WWE TV, Babyface Miz


Is Kane scheduled to work as a heel or babyface?

Given the fact WWE has started a Kane vs. John Cena program it appears Kane is the heel (despite what I consider a mixed reaction on Monday). The original plan was for Kane to return next month in a program with Mark Henry although Henry was rumored to go babyface. Plans have changed a lot but right now, Kane is a heel.

Why is there no confidence in Alberto Del Rio as WWE Champion?

I can't explain the booking of Alberto Del Rio. The company has enough confidence in him to give him the WWE Championship but when they strap him, it's like everyone gets cold feet. Del Rio isn't the first worker to go over as champion only to be booked in this manner. CM Punk was booked almost identically for years; however, he became firmly established as a top guy this summer. My thought process is if you don't have enough confidence to give your champion clean title defenses, you have no business putting the title on them. It ends up devaluing the title and makes for very frustrating match outcomes.

Do you have any word on appearances by The Rock on WWE television before Wrestlemania XXVIII?

Vince McMahon said there were plans for The Rock to appear on pay-per-views (plural) prior to Wrestlemania. I expect The Rock to appear at either Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber and make appearances on WWE television prior to Wrestlemania XXVIII in April. However, I am against The Rock working in any shape, way or fashion before the main event bout.

Do you think The Miz would be a good babyface under his current gimmick?

The Miz would flop as a babyface with his current gimmick. His arrogant Hollywood personality fits perfectly as a heel on WWE television and has helped elevate him to the level he is currently working.

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