Kane & Glenn Jacobs, Sting In The WWE Hall Of Fame?, John Cena's Role At WWE TLC, Undertaker vs. Triple H


Is it true that when Kane first debuted, it wasn't really Glenn Jacobs?

There have been fake Kane gimmicks used in WWE which has caused a lot of people to create conspiracy theories about the original Kane gimmick. Kane is portrayed by Glenn Jacobs, who had other gimmicks in WWE including a fake Diesel gimmick. However, Kane is portrayed by Glenn Jacobs.

Will this be the year Vince McMahon finally inducts Sting into the WWE Hall of Fame?

Vince McMahon is not going to induct a worker under contract with TNA Impact Wrestling into the WWE Hall of Fame. The WWE Hall of Fame is more of a promotional tool for Wrestlemania than it is an actual wrestler Hall of Fame. Even with the celebrity wing thrown out, several arguments can be made for workers that are in and workers that are not in. This can be expected because inductees are ultimately chosen by Vince McMahon after names are pitched to him from his inner circle.

Is there a reason John Cena has been left off the WWE TLC card or will a match be added at the last minute?

It appears as though John Cena is not going to have a match on the card; however, I look for him to be involved in the WWE Championship match in some fashion. I would be surprised if he did not appear on the pay-per-view at all.

What can we make of rumors WWE wants to do The Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVIII again next year?

WWE had Triple H name drop The Undertaker in a promo on Monday's Raw Supershow which has caused speculation to run rampant the two will face each other again next year. I have not heard anything concrete in terms of an opponent for Undertaker at Wrestlemania. There have been two matches announced for next year’s show - The Rock vs. John Cena and Daniel Bryan vs. the World Heavyweight Champion. Outside of that, plans can and will change several times and the only match I see as “untouchable” is Rock vs. Cena.

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