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Kane Over Punk, WM29 Buys, The Streak, Unifying Titles In WWE

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What are your thoughts on Kane going over CM Punk clean(ish!) on this week's Raw?

Kane surprising CM Punk with a chokeslam and a clean pin after the gong of The Undertaker was done to show Punk was preoccupied with Undertaker to focus on a match on Raw. I've tried to justify the loss in my mind but I didn't like it. Punk has racked up the losses and any outcome that has him getting pinned clean shouldn't be done. If Punk ends the streak, going over Undertaker at Wrestlemania, I may see it as part of the bigger picture but I'm not optimistic about that outcome.

Is there any chance Wrestlemania 29 does more buys than Wrestlemania XXVIII last year?

WWE is hoping for more than one million buys with Wrestlemania 29 and given how well tickets have sold, my guess is WWE is expecting it to be their most bought show of all time. Wrestlemania XXVIII last year set the buyrate record with 1,217,000 buys but the thinking is there is more star power with the addition of Brock Lesnar.

After reading JR's thoughts on Undertaker's streak, here is my question. If a historic title reign didn't elevate Punk to WWWE's face, what makes you think beating Undertaker will?

My argument is that Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania is bigger than any title reign and carries a massive payoff to whoever ends it. CM Punk's 434-title reign did elevate him and put him in this position. As I stated in the latest Premium Mailbag, I would have been against Punk ending "the streak" just last year. Circumstances have changed and my opinion on what to do with "the streak" has changed as a result. The time is now for Punk to get a massive rub from ending the streak, setting the company in a great position moving forward. I'm not optimistic WWE will end "the streak" but it's absolutely the correct outcome.

How would you feel about the unification of the Intercontinental and United States titles?

I've gone on record previously in saying I have no problems with WWE eliminating the United States Championship and keeping the Intercontinental Championship as the sole secondary title. While I'm still in favor of both the WWE title and World Heavyweight title, it seems pointless to have two secondary belts that are nothing more than props.

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