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Kane Through The Ring, Cesaro In Limbo, Batista A Bigger Draw Than CM Punk?, Enough From Undertaker

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I was wondering what you thought of Kane coming up from under the ring on Raw? He's done it before recently to Zack Ryder unsuccessfully, so I thought this time, he'd actually capture Brie. Why do they recycle this with the same outcome?

The first thing I thought about when Kane came up through the ring on Raw was Abyss recently doing it in TNA. So many readers accuse TNA of biting from WWE, I just found it funny. I realize "WWE did it first, so technically…" In this business, there's a lot of recycling and it's not a huge issue to me but it does provide ammunition for people to use against a particular promotion. The point of Kane "coming up through the ring" was to push the monster renewed headed into his WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Daniel Bryan at Extreme Rules. I actually think if Kane had "captured Brie," there would have been more intrigue headed into Sunday but apparently a kidnapping angle is not something the company wanted to do.

Jack Swagger has no lost twice to Cesaro and it only seems to be burying him. Do you see them adding a new member to The Real Americans?

WWE moved forward with these Cesaro/Jack Swagger bouts to provide a payoff for the underlying tension that was teased between them in the build to Wrestlemania. One thing that’s plaguing Cesaro is the fact his character is in limbo following the pairing with Paul Heyman. Heyman is one of the most hated men in the business (due to his Brock Lesnar association) but WWE teased a Cesaro babyface turn for months. Now, Cesaro is with Heyman and the crowd doesn't know how to react. I'll argue this is the reason for Rob Van Dam's insertion in the match at Extreme Rules. WWE isn't concerned with burying Swagger as much as they are elevating Cesaro. I don't know of plans to add another member to The Real Americans as of this time.

When you get down to it, what do you think accounts for the obvious but egregiously misguided fact that Triple H thinks Batista is/was a bigger draw than CM Punk?

The situation is complex and involves more than just Triple H's opinion of CM Punk compared to his opinion of Batista. Obviously Hunter and Batista are closer than Hunter and Punk but then again, there's more to it than that. The initial plan for Wrestlemania 30 was to do Punk vs. Triple H and Batista vs. Randy Orton. Who's getting screwed there? Not Punk, not Batista but Daniel Bryan. Since Punk bolted WWE, everyone has been trying to "think for him" and make accusations based on conjecture. It's not completely unfounded conjecture, however, we still haven't heard from the man himself. Until Punk explains what happened, we really don't know. Punk is a huge star and solidified his status as such three years ago, however, as we've seen, WWE is bigger than any one name. Can we even say Punk "stuck it to WWE" by bolting?

When Undertaker decides to retire from wrestling, do you expect WWE to give him a proper farewell as they did with Ric Flair? I believe Taker has been around long enough to deserve that treatment.

There are new comments out on Wednesday that Steve Austin made to Power Slam magazine where he thinks Undertaker's match against Brock Lesnar [at Wrestlemania 30] should be his last. I thought that was pretty much a given based on the streak ending, however, I was told just days after [Brock vs. Taker] that was actually not the case. My source informed me there was still a chance of Undertaker working the show next year in a match against Sting. That would provide the payoff for a "proper sendoff" that you suggest. At the end of the day it comes down to Undertaker's health and desire to work again, something I gave up on guessing a long time ago. Undertaker remains in the same year-by-year situation he's been in for a while and until he says differently, all we can do is wait.

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