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Kevin Owens Is Ready For Stardom, Game Of Thrones Actor To WWE?, No Wyatt, Rollins Using HHH's Finisher

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What are your thoughts on Kevin Owens after his clean pinfall victory against John Cena at WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday?

Kevin Owens is every bit as good as advertised. There is a reason he was “fast tracked” and that’s because there is nothing left for him to accomplish down in WWE NXT. Owens doesn’t need any seasoning. He can work, he can talk and he looks the part. With him going over John Cena clean, that should let everyone know just how highly he is regarded within the company.

I realize there have been others that have gone over Cena clean and failed but Owens shouldn’t be judged based on others being unable to take advantage of a massive opportunity. Kevin Owens was the story of Elimination Chamber, he’s advertised for Raw tonight and will get another pay-per-view bout against Cena at Money in the Bank. It’s exciting to see someone many of us have followed for years get the chance to prove himself at the highest level possible.

Hafthor Bjornsson, one of the actors who plays The Mountain on HBO’s Game of Thrones, was seen sitting next to Stephanie McMahon at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable a couple weeks ago. Anything there?

I actually heard there was possible interest in signing Hafthor Bjornsson to a developmental contract. Now, I realize a lot goes into that but that was the rumor making rounds after he was spotted at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable next to Stephanie McMahon. Bjornsson is 6’9 and 419 pounds, of course he is on WWE’s radar and I believe it would be interesting to see what he could do with some seasoning.

As for celebrity angles, the current plan for SummerSlam in August is Stephen Amell doing something with Stardust. We ran that report Sunday here on Amell denies it, Hollywood Life reports it is 100 percent happening. The truth is in-between.

Just curious what is going on with Bray Wyatt? How is it that Bray beats Ryback at Payback, then two weeks later Ryback is in the Elimination Chamber Match for the Intercontinental Championship and Wyatt is nowhere to be seen?

There were just no plans to utilize Bray Wyatt at Elimination Chamber, there is no story. Elimination Chamber was basically an impromptu pay-per-view, where WWE used their flexibility with the WWE Network to put on more live programming. Remember, the show was originally on the schedule as a live event. The same situation with Randy Orton. There is no story, he just didn’t have anything for the pay-per-view. Ryback obviously is still being pushed and is the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

Is it safe to say Seth Rollins will be using the Pedigree from here on out?

Seth Rollins will continue to use the Pedigree for the time being. Obviously, the storyline is there for him to turn on The Authority but nothing to report at press time. Rollins ditched the Curb Stomp after Wrestlemania 31 because Vince McMahon didn’t like it. The Pedigree is a way to incorporate his finisher into storylines as “Triple H’s guy.”

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