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Kharma's WWE Release, Lawler Reveals Vince's Problem With Savage, Two Former WWE Stars Claim To Be Members Of Aces & Eights, Favorite Raw Moments

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Is Kharma coming back or has she been quietly release?

As we reported here on, Kharma has been quietly released from WWE. No one knows the details behind her release and given how private Kharma is, the details won't be out until she wants them out. The speculation that "creative had nothing for her" is ridiculous and a product of people guessing.

Earlier this week, Jerry Lawler shed new light on replacing "Macho Man" Randy Savage on commentary. Could this be the reason he was blackballed on WWE television and held in a very low regard by Vince McMahon?

Jerry Lawler's comments that WWE was getting ready to go live only for Vince McMahon to learn that not only was Randy Savage not there but was in Atlanta for WCW were the first I've heard. After all the nasty rumors and speculation over the years, Lawler's comments seem to indicate the first real reasons to why Savage was considered taboo in WWE. Almost anyone in the business could tell you that Vince despised Randy but no one knew why. Lawler seems to have cleared it all up as there is no reason not to believe him.

Who are the members of the Aces and Eights on Impact Wrestling?

I heard former WWE stars Mike Knox and Luke Gallows were telling people they were part of the Aces and Eights but cannot confirm those claims.

Throughout the past several weeks we've heard from WWE names about their favorite Raw moments. What is your favorite Raw moment?

As a long-time wrestling fan, I have many favorite Raw moments but for the sake of conversation I will mention a few. One of my best memories of the Attitude Era was Steve Austin driving the beer truck in the arena and hosing Vince McMahon. A lot of my favorite Raw moments from the Attitude Era included Austin as it was edgy programming that was very entertaining. The night that Shane McMahon showed up on WCW Monday Nitro was a memorable one as it was something I don't think anyone would have imagined just five years prior to it happening. As for a recent memory, CM Punk's worked shoot promo on Raw last summer was one of my favorites and elevated him to an entire different level.

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