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Knowing Match Outcomes, Jacobs/WWE, McMahon Selling, Marital Drama

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Do commentators know the outcome of matches or know about returns?

This is a common Ask WNW question and I’ve always been told that such information is available to the WWE broadcasters if they desire to know it. It’s important to remember that Vince McMahon produces the announcers throughout the broadcast in their headset from his Gorilla position. If there is something he wants them to say or emphasize, he tells them. Vince is also known to feed them lines he wants said on the air.

Was that Jimmy Jacobs as a Rosebud on Raw?

Yes, as we reported here on, Jimmy Jacobs worked this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw as a Rosebud. He’s from west Michigan and was given the role as an extra. Jacobs and Seth Rollins are friends and Rollins has been pushing the company to give him another tryout. We have more details on that in our backstage news from Monday Night Raw.

Do you see a point in time when the McMahon family isn't part of the creative/business part of things in WWE? Obviously, they will always be owners, but what would the WWE look like if it had an unbiased ownership/creative group?

There have been rumors throughout the financial sector that Vince McMahon could sell his controlling interest in WWE. While I am generally skeptical of such talk, Vince had a chance to issue a denial about “for sale” rumors earlier this year in a piece by Forbes and did not. Given that information, I don’t think we can make the assumption that McMahon will always be the owner.

Having said that, I do not view any scenario where WWE is better off without Vince McMahon. He's the most successful promoter of all time and while I'll be the first to admit he's made some very questionable calls, there's no doubting his success. A solid argument can be made that Vince is "too close" to the process but look at past examples where the financial backers are not hands on. Ted Turner had the money [for WCW] but delegated everything else, look how that worked out. TNA essentially repeated that model with the Carter family funding operations but delegating out decisions regarding talent and the creative process.

Obviously Vince isn't going to live forever and has already been grooming Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to succeed him. Some see the success of WWE NXT and will say the time is now for Hunter to takeover, but I think people need to be careful what they wish for. In American football it's popular to say the backup quarterback is always the most popular player on the team. When the backup becomes the starter, things change because expectations are much higher.

I find it distasteful that for a supposedly family friendly show, WWE keeps having storylines that belittle healthy loving family ties as if that should be the norm. For example: Tyson Kidd being a jerk to his wife Nattie, and probably soon a storyline where Naomi will betray her husband for a shot at stardom with the Miz. What are your thoughts?

WWE is and always will be part-soap opera. Purists will probably scoff at me writing that but it’s the truth. I am not offended what-so-ever by the marital drama playing out in storylines and completely understand why it’s being done and what is being accomplished.

The stuff between Natalya and Tyson Kidd is at the direction of the Total Divas producers, as they love their segments and it’s resulted in a “bit of push” for Tyson Kidd. We broke the story here on Premium back in October.

There have been occasions where WWE has done things I felt were in poor taste, as there are certain boundaries that should not be crossed but it’s also important to remember it’s scripted entertainment.

From the Ask WNW vault…

March 2013: How would you feel about the unification of the Intercontinental and United States titles? - I’ve gone on record previously in saying I have no problems with WWE eliminating the United States Championship and keeping the Intercontinental Championship as the sole secondary title. While I’m still in favor of both the WWE title and World Heavyweight title, it seems pointless to have two secondary belts that are nothing more than props.

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